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Who is Chainsaw Man? How did Denji Become Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga and anime series to come out in the last few years, and how its titular character’s head turns into a Chainsaw.

After starting in December 2018, Chainsaw Man manga has more than 23 million copies in circulation by January 2023. It remains one of the best selling manga series in the last few years. The anime series premiered in October 2022 and was an instant hit.

Set in a world of Devils, the titular character of the series is Denji who can turn into Chainsaw Man at his will. But that was not the case since the start. At the start of the story, Denji had a devil named Pochita who had a chainsaw as his head. From there how did Denji become Chainsaw Man? Read below for the complete storyline?

Who is the Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is a Chainsaw Devil who took up the body of a man. It is the titular character of the manga and anime series named Chainsaw Man. This man, named Denji can transform into Chainsaw by pulling a cord on his chest.

How Did Denji Become The Chainsaw Man?

Denji became the Chainsaw man when Pochita, a chainsaw devil, made a contract with Denji to give his heart in exchange of Denji’s dreams, hoping that he could achieve them someday.

Pochita the Chainsaw Devil
Pochita – The Chainsaw Devil

Denji first saw Pochita when he was standing beside his father’s dead body. When Denji found Pochita hurt, he told it to bite his blood as he knew drinking blood could cure a devil. Denji made a contract with Pochita in return to save him. After this, Denji kept Pochita with him. Denji was indebt to a Yakuza(gang leader) who had given a 700000 Yen loan to his father.

To repay this loan, Denji became a Devil Hunter and started giving dead devil bodies to this Yakuza in lieu of money. As most of his payment went into repayment of the loan, Denji and Pochita used to live a very scarce life. In their free time, Denji used to tell Pochita about his dreams of having bread jam slices, hugging a girl and similar things. Denji also told Pochita that if he ever dies while fighting Devils, Pochita can take over his body and leave the town.

Years later, Yazuka tricked Denji to feed him to a Zombie Devil in lieu of his powers. The minions of Zombie Devil stabbed Denji and Pochita to death. When Denji was taking his final breaths with his body cut up, some droplets of Denji’s blood got to Pochita’s mouth, which led to his recovery. Pochita remembered Denji’s wish to take over his body.

In his subconsciousness, Pochita told Denji that he is taking over his heart in exchange of his dreams. When Pochita took over Denji’s heart and sucked his blood, Denji’s body recovered of all its wounds, and their bodies combined. Denji was left with all of his consciousness, but he now had the ability to transform into Chainsaw Man using a cord hanging through his chest.

Denji then turned into the Chainsaw Man and killed the Zombie Devil and his minions, along with the Yakuza.

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