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Hulaing Babies- Will Short Anime Series Return for Season 2?

The ideal place for anyone to relax and chill would be a tropical essence and Hulaing Babies had the best of it. It was an ideal series for fans to swing their mind and relax without thinking too much. The colorful slice of life setting, cute characters, and the famous Hula dance swept the hearts of many viewers all around the world.

The entire series ran around an hour. The anime is worth binging, and it is a great stress reliever. But, just as stress is never-ending, the series should go on. So, when will fans get to see Hulaing Babies Season 2? Read to know more.

Anime Series

Hulaing Babies was announced as the original net anime (ONA) series at the “Magical Hawaiians” event. The series was directed by Yoshinori Asao, written by Ikoma, and produced by Studio Gaina. It was a short anime with a runtime of 5 minutes per episode. The anime aired for 12 episodes from January 11th to March 29th, 2019.

Later, a spinoff series titled Hulaing Babies: Petit was also announced with the same cast & staff. It aired 80 second long 12 episodes from January 8th to March 25th, 2020. It was an original anime, and hence it doesn’t have any manga which is reasonable for any short anime series.

Will There Be Hulaing Babies Season 2?

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The fans who are waiting should probably not get their hopes too high, as the show was only moderately good as per the critics. The only thing that made the studio stand out in a good way was its colorful animation. Though, most of the viewers also agreed with the fact that the series lacked good writing, character designing & progression in character, which is the reason for the show’s low ratings. It is rated 5.85 on MAL. There are many series that have all the things despite being short anime like Ojisan to Marshmallow, The Master of Killing Time, My Wife is the Student Council President, etc. 

But, this might turn out to be a good thing for the fans who are waiting for Hulaing Babies Season 2. Overall, it is a relaxing slice of life anime with engaging fun. It doesn’t have much writing or some serious story background, and it makes its production quite easier. So, the chances for this show getting a renewal are still 50-50. 

Plot Details

The story of Hulaing Babies is quite simple. It features a group of middle school girls who have joined the Hula Club, and dream to become the best Hula dance group. The main focus of the series seemed to have been on Suzu, who is inspired by her big sister & transfer student Mona.

For Hulaing Babies Season 2, the series has the characters making their high school debut. No matter what the storyline will be, fans can expect it to be as delightful as the first season.

Release Date

So, taking into account everything, getting Hulaing Babies Season 2 will be a huge deal. Also, it is certain that it won’t come around 2022. The series original Studio has already announced that it is working on a few of the most anticipated upcoming anime like The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting  & five other anime which are already announced for 2022. However, if demand is raised by the fans, then Hulaing Babies might return in 2023.

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