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Is Makima Alive in Chainsaw Man Series? Who is Nayuta

The Chainsaw Man manga’s first part recently ended with chapter 97 where Makima came out as the Domination Devil, the main antagonist.

Denji ends up killing Makima in chapter 96 and eating her up to become one with her. This battle also closes the Public Enemy Arc which started from chapter 1 and lasted all the way until chapter 97.

With one arc spanning 97 chapters, Chainsaw Man series is expected to have a long run. Makima is one of the most popular characters in the series and it would be a big lost opportunity to write her off the manga completely. So, the question arises whether Makima is alive in the Chainsaw Man anime in some form? Or are there any plot points through which she could be brought back into the storyline.

The answer to this puzzle lies in the fact that Makima is a devil!

One of the plot points in Chainsaw manga is that the Devil never ceases until their fear remains. If a devil dies in the human world, it would reincarnate in Hell. And when it dies in Hell, it would reincarnate in the Human world, and the cycle continues. However, their memory is completely erased with each birth and death.

Shortly after he killed Makima, Denji met Captain Kishibe where they started talking about Makima. When Denji seemed gloomy on losing Makima, Kishibe introduced him to the new Domination Devil, Nayuta. Nayuta is none other than Makima’s reincarnation.

Nayuta First Mention Chainsaw Man

When Makima died, she must have gone through a birth and death cycle in Hell before being reincarnated as Nayuta. But, Nayuta doesn’t have any memory from her previous life and her time with Denji. Makima without any memory of her power and previous life is as good as dead. So, can she get that memory back?

In Chainsaw Man, there are different kinds of Devils in human world and hell. The never-ending existence of the Domination Devil is proof of this ticking disaster. If there is any Devil with the power to make the Devil remember their past life, then Makima can get her memory back. 

Also, Makima is one of the strongest Devil in existence. She can make multiple contracts with Devils and can control and manipulate any of the Devils. There is a chance that she could find some devil who has the power to bring back memory and force them to redeem her memory.

On top of that, Makima is also capable of erasing other Devil’s memories. So, it might also be possible that she also has the power to redeem memory from her previous life also. At some point in the manga, something could trigger Nayuta to bring back the memory from her previous life and become Makima again.

Therefore, there is always a chance for fans to see Makima once again in the manga with her full powers.

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