War Devil Chainsaw Man

Who is War Devil in Chainsaw Man? Connection with Mikata Explained!

Chainsaw Man’s second arc started with the story of Asa Mikata and War Devil. Who is this War Devil? What is her connection with Asa Mikata? Is she the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man?

Who is War Devil?

Yoru is the War Devil in Chainsaw Man who has taken over Asa Mikata’s body. She is among the Four Horsemen, a group of Devils that remember the names of Devils killed by Chainsaw Man. Yoru’s true form is that of a dark-coloured owl bird, but she has taken over Mikata’s form when she took over her body.

War Devil can make a weapon out of anything that she owns, be it a thing or even a person. She can make any weapon as long as she has something, which would be really difficult for Denji to fight.

How did War Devil Take Over Asa Mikata’s Body?

In chapter 98 of the Chainsaw Man manga series, Asa Mikata’s class was introduced to Headless Chicken Devil Bucky. Bucky’s infectious cheerfulness led to an outpour of love from the class, including Mikata who used to hate Devils since being orphaned by them.

However, Mikata ended up tripping and accidentally crushing Bucky when he went to hug her. This led to the students accusing her of killing Bucky as an act of revenge. Mikata stops going to school and isolates herself.

When Mikata isolates herself, her class teacher Mr Tanaka tries to help her. Mikata Class President, who had an affair with Mr Tanaka, gets envious of Mikata and makes a contract with the Justice Devil to kill Asa.

In her dying moments, War Devil appeared in front of Mikata and takes advantage of her desperate situation. Yoru offers Asa a contract where she would give Asa a chance to live her life selfishly if she helps her in return. War Devil possesses Asa’s body and kills the Justice Devil.

Is Asa Mikata a War Devil now?

When The War Devil took over Asa’s body, she took over half of her brain and left Mitaka’s consciousness intact along with that of the War Devil. War Devil appears as a hallucination to Mitaka and explains that she requires Mitaka’s help to function in human society and not be recognized as a Devil.

However, War Devil can take control of Asa’s body whenever she wants. So, Asa is a War Devil herself with all the powers. But the War Devil has her own different persona, unlike Denji who has complete control over the Chainsaw Man.

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