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Chainsaw Man Anime Set to Premiere on October 11

The most-awaited anime of this year, Chainsaw Man, now finally has a premiere date.

The anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series of the same name will hit the screens on October 11, 2022.

MAPPA produced this show and is set to hold a special live stream on its Youtube channel during the stage event of Chainsaw Man’s pre-screening on September 19.

The staff working on this series also revealed on Twitter that this stage event will come up with some major announcements.

Crunchyroll will be the home to watch Chainsaw Man later this year in over 200 countries except for all the countries in Asia. Media Link bought the streaming rights of this anime in Asia, and this includes China as well.

Mappa studios earlier revealed that Chainsaw Man would not be censored and the same can be seen in the latest trailer of the series. Hence, now the fans are even more excited to watch the anime adaptation.

Chainsaw Man is one of the most renowned and popular manga series and is said to have some iconic characters. It has everything from the story to brutal fight sequences. Hence, it is kind of obvious that the otakus all around the world went nuts when they heard the official announcement of its anime adaptation.

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