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Is Asa Mikata New Protagonist of Chainsaw Man? Explained Here!

The last few chapters of Chainsaw Man have been from Asa Mikata’s perspective, which has left the fans worried about whether she has become the lead protagonist of the manga.

Chainsaw Man manga has started manga part two in July 2022. The first part of the series from chapters 1 to 98 is known as Public Safety Saga. The second part from chapter 99 onwards is known as Academy Saga. The second part is fairly popular and has crossed over 2.5 million views on Shonen Jump+.

The first part of the manga primarily focused on Denji and his Devil dog named Pochita. Now, with the start of the new saga, new characters were introduced and taken into focus which as Asa Mikata and her Devil Yoru.

Now, this is important to keep in mind, Denji became Chainsaw Man while being confronted by a Zombie Devil and on the brink of death. Similarly, Asa is also an unfortunate character like Denji who is taken advantage by the War Devil. Check this article to know everything about The War Devil and Asa.

At first, fans thought Asa is just a supporting character. But, as the series went on, she has taken more limelight than Chainsaw man. There hasn’t been a chapter from Denji’s POV and every chapter lately have come from Asa’s perspective.

Fans are now worried that they might lose their aloof badass protagonist to a crybaby girl. They were expecting Denji’s return, but it doesn’t seem to be happening soon. So, is Denji no longer the main character of the Chainsaw Man series? Has Asa taken up the position of the protagonist? Read on to know more.

Similarities between Asa and Denji

Every shonen manga introduces its main character in the first chapter of the series. Chainsaw Man did the same with Denji. But ever since the start of the second arc, fans haven’t seen a single chapter from Denji’s point of view(POV).

Tatsuki Fujimoto(the author) has shifted his focus significantly to Asa and War Devil Yoru. While being one of the Four Horsemen, Yoru does hold an important place in the story. But is this enough to change to the series protagonist?

There might be another reason for the change in POV. Asa and Denji are quite similar to each other.

While Denji just wanted a good life and a girlfriend, Asa wants some friends and a good life too. She was more or less a side character in the story before Yoru just like Denji before Pochita – hellish life before getting saved by the devil moments before death, finding a new goal, and getting into more problems.

The second saga more or less started the same as the first one. Asa has all the aspects similar to Denji and is a good candidate to replace him.

Is Asa Really the new Main Character of Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Asa is the new main character of Chainsaw Man. But, fans shouldn’t worry about Denji as the manga is still titled Chainsaw Man!

The story still has Denji as the protagonist. However, by the current situation, the manga has become a dual-protagonist story. This means the series now has two main characters. While Denji is our primary character, Asa is also a lead character now.

What matters now is which side they are on. The dual-protagonist stories either have both main characters on the same side or on opposite sides. That means, either Asa and Denji will fight together or fight each other throughout the saga.

And we can see obviously that the manga is going towards the enemy route.

What If Asa is Really the New Primary Character?

While we can easily suppose that the manga has turned into a dual-protagonist story, what if Asa has actually taken over as the only lead character of the manga?

If the author’s wildest thought concurs, he might make Denji a villain. There are mangas where MC turns evil and new protagonists are introduced. Death Note and Fate series are good examples of this.

If Denji may lose a few more screws and turn evil, Asa might end up getting a more sympathetic story to set her up as the protagonist.

Another possibility is that the author is actually building up a force of main characters to introduce a catastrophic arc with formidable villains. Then, Asa as a new main character isn’t a bad choice.

While Denji is all brawn and no brains most of the time, Asa and Yoru as a team are quite intelligent and strong, which is quite balanced. And with Denji on the same side, two intelligent minds can complete Denji having none.

One more possibility is that Chainsaw Man might take a romantic route in this saga. Denji might take the male lead opposite to the female lead Asa. Then, Denji and Asa will be one of the most formidable power couples in the series. With this route, the series won’t have many unhappy fans.

Whether Asa is the new main character or not, Denji will remain as the Chainsaw Man in the series.

Also, there are no guarantee of Asa’s survival after this arc. So, fans shouldn’t get attached to new MCs but stick to old ones for better or worse.

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