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What is Devil Contractor in Chainsaw Man? List from Season 1!

Chainsaw Man introduced us not only to the world of Devils, but also introduced the concept of Contractors. As many 8 Devil Contractors were revealed during season 1 of Chainsaw Man.

The new viewers who did not read the manga were definitely a bit confused about by the concept of Devil Contractors. While Devils do not necessarily need contractors, but with contractors on their side, Devils can exert their power better than they are alone. A contractor gets powers from the devil to unleash carnage.

This begs the question What exactly is a Devil Contractor? Who can become a Devil Contractor? What are their powers? And who have become a Devil Contractor in Chainsaw Man season 1 so far?

What is a Devil Contractor?

A devil contractor is a human who has made a contract with a devil. A devil gives a human its powers while getting something in return. A human needs to make some sacrifice and offer it to the devil. This sacrifice can be a body part, their sense, life span, their children, or even their legal responsibilities.

Once a contract is made, it is binding in nature and neither devil nor human can go back on their word.

In season 1 of Chainsaw Man, we saw just a handful of Devil Contractors. Below is the complete list of Devil and their Devil Contractors from season 1:

1. Pochita(Chainsaw Devil) and Denji  

Seen in Manga Chapter 1 & Anime Season 1 Episode 1

The very first contract in the series was with Denji, the main character of the series. This contract was between Denji and Pochita who was a Chainsaw Devil in dog form. Pochita remained Denji’s friend and partner in Devil Hunting for many years.

After becoming an orphan, Denji had to work as a devil hunter to repay his father’s debt. That’s when he found Pochita. The first contract between Pochita and Denji was for co-existence – Denji will give blood to Pochita and Pochita will help him hunt Devil.

Later, the loan shark Yakuza used him as fodder for Zombie Devil. After getting killed, Denji was brought back by Pochita and a hybrid contract was formed between them. This contract saw Pochita taking over Denji’s heart, with Denji showing him his dream in return.

2. Zombie Devil and Yakuza 

Seen in Manga Chapter 1 & Anime Season 1 Episode -1

The second contract shown in the series was between Denji’s Yazuka and a Zombie Devil. The Yazuka wanted devil powers to become stronger in order to make more money.

The Yazuka gets tricked by Zombie Devil to make the contract which required him to bring in a devil hunter to him in return. Yazuka brought in Denji who ended up getting killed by the Zombies

3. Fox Devil and Aki Hayakawa 

Seen in Manga Chapter 10 & Anime Season 1 Episode 4 

Fox Devil is the first shown devil of Aki Hayakawa. Aki Hayakawa is an officer of the Public Safety Devil Hunter, Division- 4, and a partner of Denji and Power.

Fox Devil has five bright red eyes. She is friendly in nature and has made several contracts with Devil Hunters in the past. She seems to be loyal to Aki and takes permission for her wishes. But, she is more biased toward attractive people and said to only make contact with them.

In the contract. Hayakawa gives some part of his body to Fox Devil and Fox Devil and helps him in return.

4. Ghost Devil and Himeno 

Seen in Manga Chapter 15 & Anime Season 1 Episode 6

Ghost Devil is a Devil born out of people’s fear of Ghosts. Himeno is the senior of Aki Hayakawa and is quite a free spirited person.

Ghost Devil makes its debut while fighting Eternity Devil and is shown to have many useful pros with equal cons. Ghost Devil can hold things without materializing its body. Himeno traded her right eye and arm to Devil in order to use its powers.

5. Curse Devil and Aki Hayakawa 

Seen in Manga Chapter 24 & Anime Season 1 Episode 8 

A lot was not shown about Curse Devil in the first season of Chainsaw Man. Aki calls upon his power through the sword he has by stabbing the enemy with his nails.

However, using his power is quite risky for him. That’s why Himeno stops Aki before he could summon the Curse Devil and Eternity Devil. The contract terms of Curse Devil are straight-up evil; he consumes the lifespan every time the contractor uses its powers.

6. Snake Devil and Akane Sawatari 

Seen in Manga Chapter 25 & Anime Season 1 Episode 8 

Sanke Devil is a Snake-Like Devil with a mouth made of arms. Akane Sawatari is the contractor of this Snake Devil while also being an accomplice of Katana Man.

Sawatari can revive any Devil by feeding them to Snake Devil, who spits them out in the revived form. After Aki killed Katana, she helped him by reviving him using Snake Devil and later helped him to defeat Ghost Devil.

Sawatari can also control the Devil Snake Devil has eaten. But, summoning Snake Devil causes Sawatari one nail. Akane also has a contract with Gun Devil, but not in a direct way.

7. Katana Devil and Yakuza 

Seen in Manga Chapter 23 & Anime Season 1 Episode 8 

Katana Devil is affiliated with an unnamed Yakuza. This Yakuza was the grandson of the Denji’s employer from the first chapter of manga or first episode of anime.

Hearing about his grandfather’s death, the Yakuza makes a contract with the Katana Devil and replaces his heart with the Devil just like Denji did with Pochita. He becomes a hybrid who wants to kill Denji.His appearance is just like Denji’s but instead of Chainsaw he has Katana.

He is also affiliated with Gun Devil under an indirect contract between Gun Devil and Akane Sawatari.

8. Future Devil and Aki Hayakawa 

Seen in Manga Chapter 31 & Anime Season 1 Episode 10 

First season’s last contract was between Aki Hayakawa and the Future Devil. As the name suggest, Future Devil can see the future.

It was Future Devil who initiated the contract with Aki because he was excited about Aki’s miserable future and wanted to show it to him. While making a contract with Future Devil comes with a great price, he just asked to live in Aki’s eye.

He tells Aki that his death is confirmed but he wants to see how desperately he tries to avoid it and save his friend who is the cause of his death.

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