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My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Release Date & Potential Spoilers

Boku Hero no Academia or My Hero Academia’s chapter 373 has become a wildfire topic after Present Mic aka Hizashi Yamada and Spinner called out to Kurogiri but with different names.

This will be a long-awaited return of this villain, after capturing Kurogiri in chapter 162 with a battle against Gran Torino. The wait for Chapter 373 will end when it will be released on 21st November 2022 at 12 am JST.

Chapter 373 Release Date & Time

While chapter 373 of My Hero Academia will release at midnight on 21 November 2022, the release for international fans would be on November 20, 2022, due to varying time zones.

To read the issue, fans can go to Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s premium Shonen Jump+ app, or Shueisha’s free MangaPLUS service. Release timing in US is 10 AM ET/7 AM PT while in UK, it will release at 3 PM GMT on November 20.

Who is Kurogiri?

Kurogiri at the present time isn’t really a human in a sense. Kurogiri is actually a Human-Nomu hybrid created by AFO aka All for One. Formerly known as Oboro Shirakumo with Cloud Quirk, he was a student of the UA Academy once. He was first mentioned in manga chapter 216 and he made his debut in manga chapter 255. He was also part of the class with Eraser Head and Present Mic. 

Very little about this character was disclosed during the series. In the beginning, Kurogiri didn’t leave much of an impact on the story and his capture made him a forgotten memory by the fans. However, Author Kohei Horikoshi has turned her focus to anthropomorphic characters in recent issues.

What will be in Chapter 373?

Horikoshi has made some fine chapters with lots of negative and cheering emotions for different characters on the same page. The recent issue is going with Mizo and Koji fighting spinner with their backstory. All three characters overlap with anthropomorphic struggles in life, while Spinner has shown to be lonely and getting his wits more twisted with each panel.

While Kurogiri’s return has shocked the fans, they also know with chapter 372’s journey Hirokishi won’t let a character go to waste without a backstory and a good climax. With all the main villains on the stage, only he was the only one left to spice up the action. But, Present Mic calling him out has irked the fans.

The question is now whether he will side with Present Mic and Deku as Shirokumo or he will turn against them as Kurogiri. As there wasn’t much of a revelation about his and AFO’s relationship and his Nomu transformation, it is highly likely that the next chapter will be about their backstory.

So, it is expected that the next chapter might become a trigger for something big in the manga.

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