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Love Tyrant Season 2: Will Makers Return For Next Season?

Love Tyrant or Renai Boukun is a must-watch romcom harem anime. The series is also known as Kiss Note, as a parody of Death Note. It is filled with lots of hilarious and cute moments which gained this cute and bit weird love story a separate fan base among the viewers.

There were many unforgettable and hilarious and sometimes heart-touching moments in the series which made a place among the watcher’s heart. After the series ended, many fans were left to crave more of this, so will this hellish love story come again on the screen for another run? When will season 2 of this series premiere? What will be the plot of next season? Check the latest details about the Love Tyrant season 2.

Will There be Love Tyrant Season 2? 

So far, the series has adapted 33 chapters among the 44 canon manga series. So there ain’t much material left to adapt for season 2 of this anime. Still, there is no official announcement of the cancellation of the series. But, there is still no official announcement about the series renewal either.

(Renewal Status)

Renai Boukun has anchored ratings of 6.65 by 148k members on its MAL group and is #558 on the popularity poll. But, there can be few changes when it comes to anime adaption of harem manga, called as a route. So, there is also an indefinite possibility that if the series returns, the anime will take any particular route for anyone ending up with Seiji. So, the chances for Love Tyrant season 2 to return are 50-50. But if the season comes out, viewers will get some good content to look up to.

What Could Happen in Renai Boukun Season 2?

Love Tyrant follows Guri as an angel (Cupid) with a Kiss Note. It has the power to turn random people into a couple by writing their names & making them kiss each other. On a normal day, Seiji Aino encounters Guri and Guri writes his name on the kiss note, but can’t pair him with anyone. Guri explains that if she is unable to turn somebody into a couple, she’ll die and Seiji will remain a virgin forever. So, she tells Seiji to ask Akane Hiyama out who is his crush but little did he know that Akane also had a huge crush on Seiji and was obsessed with him. The chaotic harem elements create a lot of hilarious and wholesome moments throughout the series.

In the season 1 finale, Seiji and Yuzu go to hell to rescue Guri accompanied by Akane. Guri was taken to hell to become the new demon lord, turning almost into a demon. Guri realizes her true emotion in the hands of Seiji, she confesses her feelings for Seiji then promises to add sadistic Shikimi to the harem if she can also love Seiji without harming him. The finale of the season turned out to be wholesome and ended in a pleasant manner but still, there wasn’t any particular girl that every watcher rooted for.

So, if Love Tyrant Season 2 takes place, it will probably follow the manga where we will see the next development of Shikimi’s feelings for Seiji and Akane’s dream of becoming Seiji’s wife comes true after becoming his fiance at the end of the manga, along with Guri and the remaining girls.

On the verge of the manga, he wedded all of them- Akane, Yuzu, and Guri – in his marriage ceremony. With the assistance of their families on both sides, he enlisted three girls in the Aino Family. And as mentioned earlier, there is also a possibility for a possible route.

Manga Status Of The Anime

Renai Boukun is a comedy harem manga series by Megane Mihoshias and was serialized online from May 2012 to January 2019 on Felix Comix. It had 44 canon chapters with 14 volumes along with a one-shot manga. The series was loved by many readers and received praise from them.

A 12 episode anime adaptation was announced in early 2017 by EMT squared studios that aired from April 6 to June 22, 2017. The first season ended at Volume 8 of the manga series. That means EMT has six volumes left to adapt. The chapters from these volumes can be used by EMT square studio for Love Tyrant Season 2.

Love Tyrant Season 2: Release Date

Let’s discuss regarding the release date of the next season of Renai Boukun. As we mentioned earlier, there ain’t much source material left to adapt. Also, the series was not able to leave a great impact on the critics. So, the series might not return for the next season. But still, if there is going to be any possibility, then Love Tyrant season 2 might release by mid-2023.

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