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One Piece Episode 1043 Release Date & Time, Spoilers, Watch

One Piece Episode 1043 will be aired on Sunday, December 4, 2022, at 9:30 AM JST.

For some specific worldwide fans, there will be a Saturday night release window. However, the majority of the world can watch the episode on Sunday morning. The episode release timings will vary with different time zones, following:

  • PST: 6:00 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • EST: 9:00 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • GMT: 2:00 am, Sunday, December 4
  • CET: 3:00 am, Sunday, December 4
  • IST: 7:30 am, Sunday, December 4
  • Philippines: 10:00 am, Sunday, December 4
  • JST: 11:00 am, Sunday, December 4
  • ACST: 11:30 am, Sunday, December 4

About 90 minutes after the episode airs in Japan, the episode will be made available on Crunchyroll for international streamers. Funimation will also stream the episode but its service is not available in many countries.

Episode 1042 Preview 

Episode 1042 adapted manga chapters 1019 and parts of chapter 1020. It also had some anime original scenes of Robin’s past. Luffy gets rescued by Law’s crew and the Queen’s battle is ongoing, while Franky has taken Sasaki out with Franky Radical beam and has won.

Kaido and Yamato’s battle also intensified. While Kaido was not going down with any effort Yamato made, she realized his Man-Beast Hybrid form was too strong. She then proceeds to use her Man-Beast Hybrid form and takes on Kaido. This was the best moment from the episode.

Later, the climax of the episode took place in Black Maria’s chamber, where she stirred and manipulated Robin’s past in an attempt to take her down. But, Robin saw through everything and gave Maria a hard time.

Episode 1043 Expectations 

The episode 1043 of One Piece is expected to adapt the remaining part of chapter 1020 from manga along with 1021, and possibly some part of 1022.

In the 30-second preview of episode 1043, Brook and Rumba Pirates are in focus. The Black Maria attack resembles the Memory mist illusion. It’s likely that Brook’s past might be explored just like Robin’s past was shown in episode 1042.

The anime is using these prolonged past scenes to keep pacing in check, they are simply saving the good stuff and trying not to present it in one go.

The anime will have Black Maria using her minnions to attack Brook with her illusion which will have Brook’s flashback of his time in Rumba pirate, just like the tactics she used against Robin.

And lastly, fans will see Robin’s Devil fruit awakening, where she will have also her 2 years time-skip past revealed. Fans might see her Gigante Fleur and Demonio Fleur form, and defeat Black Maria.

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