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Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2: When Will Series Return?

Ojisan and Marshmallow won the heart of every viewer who has come across this series. The anime is quite different from other rom-com shows where fans enjoy the story of young characters. Unlike those shows, this one featured a middle-aged gentle marshmallow-like man, who is the crush of a lovely young lady.

The content of the anime was quite great, and it only went uphill with every single episode. However, when it ended, fans were left in indefinite wait for the next season, and they began to get second thoughts on whether they will see this show ever again or not. So, will there be Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2? Keep on reading to know. 

Manga & Anime 

Ojisan and Marshmallow is a romantic comedy manga series that was originally written and illustrated by Rekomaru Otoi on Pixiv, where it has over 20 million views. Then, Ichijinsha announced a manga adaptation which started publishing on June 15, 2014 and finished on 6 October 2017 with 5 volumes collected.

On June 23, 2015, a short anime adaptation of 12 episodes plus a special was announced by studio Creators in Pack. The show premiered on January 7th, 2016, and ran till March 25th, 2016. The anime series was directed by Tadayoshi Sasaki & written by Atsushi Oka. The first season of this comedy-drama didn’t use all the source material, and hence the makers still have some content to use in Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2.

Will There Be Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2?

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The first season of this anime performed better than expected. The fans loved the series for its unusual characters and the story that gave them a burst of good laughter. Ojisan and Marshmallow has a rating of 6.59 by 31k members on its MAL group and is ranked at  #5639 overall & #2290 on the popularity poll. The runtime of the anime was three minutes per episode, and hence the ratings are quite impressive. So, fans can definitely expect Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2. Also, the series is not short on content because as much as it covers the Pixiv story, Atsuki Oka seems to do his own work on the series as well.

Plot Details

The story of Ojisan and Marshmallow follows Habahiro Hige, a simple middle-aged office worker who loves Tabekko Marshmallows. His colleague Iori Wakabayashi has fallen for him and is also aware of this weakness. She teases him a lot every day, anywhere, in a hope that he will fall in love with her too. Throughout the twelve episodes, the series featured romance, comedy, and a few ecchi elements that made its story extremely entertaining.

Though Hige and Wakabayasgu dating each other wasn’t enough for fans, and now they want to see more of their story in Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2. So, in the second season, fans might see them exploring their relationship.

Ojisan and Marshmallow Season 2: Release Date

The studio – Creators in Pack – produced a lot of short anime series such as Alcohol is for Married Couple and Yatogame chan and kept these shows active by releasing special episodes. So far, the studio hasn’t announced anything but the fans might get the good news very soon. If Ojisan and Marshmallow return with another season, then it might release in early 2023.

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