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Will Nyanko Days Season 2 Release? What’s the Possibility?

For over the years, anime & manga have given many fans cute & funny obsessions, but sometimes they are quite weird too. But one of the most common obsessions that anime fans have had over the years is the onsession of cat-girls. It may sound peculiar but the cute and funny stories involving them have managed to conquer many hearts.

The same goes for the anime titled Nyanko Days. The series is a sugar ride of fun and cuteness. It was loved by many fans upon its arrival. However, the series only had 12 episodes with 2 minutes runtime each. The show’s length was not enough for the viewers.

So, will the fans get a chance to see their favorite cute characters again on the screen with Nyanko Days Season 2? Keep on reading to know more.

Manga & Anime

Nyanko Days is an original slice-of-life comedy manga series that is written & illustrated by Tarabagani & published by Media Factory. The manga ran in the magazine Comic Cune from August 27th, 2014 to October 27th, 2020. The series collected a total of 5 volumes & 64 chapters so far and is still ongoing. 

On September 26th, 2016, the anime adaptation of this manga was announced. The series was directed & composed by Yoshimasa Hiraike produced by Studio EMT Squared. The series runtime was only 2 minutes per episode and it aired from January 8th, 2017 to March 26, 2017. Therefore, it goes without saying that the anime’s first season didn’t cover all the source material, and there is still a lot of content left to use in Nyanko Days Season 2. 

Will There Be Nyanko Days Season 2?

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It goes without saying that the fans still want to see Nyanko Days Season 2. The series was taken very well by fans and critics. It was nothing but a mellow and cute story, so no fans had any complaints about it. The series has an overall rating of 6.61 by 30k members on its MAL group and has the rank of #2214 on the popularity poll.

Also, the 12th episode concluded with an ending note that reads, “See You Again,” and it raised the hopes of the fans. For the most shocking part, the series only adapted 5 chapters from its 4-Koma manga and 59 chapters are still left. So, the series is certainly not short on content. This is the most important thing to notice, as there are several series that received a short anime adaptation before a full-length anime series. Horimiya is an example of one such series. So, the chances are great that Nyanko Days will return with a second season.

Plot Details

The series follows the story of a shy girl named Tomoko Konagi. She easily gets nervous and stays reserved at school when it comes to making friends. However, it’s not like she doesn’t want friends. But at the end of the day, she always finds peace in her three cats. Nyanko Days

is the story of their daily life and the adorable things they do to have fun. Nyanko Days Season 2 will also feature the same kind of storyline. In the manga, their daily lives are going smoothly but they do not always remain the same. There will be some upset nekos, runway nekos, and of course, there will be cute nekos as well. 

Release Date

Everything seems to be in favor of the next season but the 4 years gap for a short anime is very scary. However, in this case, it can be a good thing. Not to mention Studio EMT Squared has also put a hold on the next season of many fan-favorite shows such as Renai Boukun (Love Tyrant) which also premiered the same year. So, if everything goes well, Nyanko Days Season 2 might return sometime in 2023. 

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