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Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2: Will It Return?, Latest Updates

“Grimoire of the Zero” which was originally released as a Light novel which turned out to be a great hit. lt became a sensation in no time as this Seinen fantasy anime had everything a viewer could ask for. It is filled with thrilling action, high-quality animation, layered characters, and a profound and well-paced storyline.

However, this cherished series had left fans in a fix for the last 4 years. The fans keep yearning for any kind of update from the officials regarding the sequel of the series. Will there be Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2? When will it be released? Scroll down the article to read all the latest details.

Manga Status Of The Anime

As previously stated, this series was originally published as a light novel by Kakeru Kobashiri. It was serialized by ASCII media works on February 8th, 2014, and completed its 11 volumes run on December 10, 2017. The series was loved so much that it won the 20th annual Dengi Bunko Grand prize.

Since it became so famous, a manga adaptation of the series was also announced by ASCII works, which was illustrated by Takashi Iwasaki. The manga had 6 volumes and 28 chapters that were serialized from December 27th, 2014 to December 10th, 2017.

The White Fox animation studio showed interest in the series and announced an official anime adaptation that premiered on 10 April 2017 and ran till 26 June 2017. In its 12 episodes, the first season has covered only the first three volumes of the light novel. So, fans don’t have to worry about being short on content for Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2.

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Will There Be Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2? 

The first season finale didn’t end on any kind of cliffhanger. However, the story didn’t complete as well. Zero didn’t fulfill her promise to Youhei. So, he still has some unfinished business that he needs to care for. Also, the series bagged a rating of 7.08  by 102k members on its MAL group and was ranked at #3435 in general and got #808 rank on the popularity poll. These are enough reasons for the studio to come up with the next season.

What Might Happen Next? 

GOTZ revolves around a young witch who is in search of a magical tome that can easily destroy the world if it falls into wrong hands. It was stolen from her lair by bandits. She meets a beast named Yohei who is haunted by witches. He always dreamt of becoming a complete human one day. Zero asked Yohei to be her guardian and protector on her journey by telling him that she would fulfill his wish. As a result, an amazing adventure begins for them with many interesting twists and new stories.

The series finale ended on “Saint of Akdios” which is the third volume of LN. In the end, Zero got the Grimoire back and sealed the magic to become a state sorcerer. 13 escaped hiding from the crowd after the war of Weinas and Zero reveals that 13 was her brother and then confessed her love to Yohei. However, Yohei turned her down and asked her to let him be her guardian. Now Grimoire of The Zero Season 2 will continue from the 4th volume “Black Dragon Island”.

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Release Date

Now, let’s come to the main question: when will the series return? We already mentioned that the series isn’t short on content. They even have more than enough volumes left for another season. However, there isn’t any kind of official update about the production from the studio and creators,

The White Fox studio already had its hands full with “Re: Zero seasons 2 ” last year and the upcoming Arifureta season 2 in January 2022, so the possibility for any kind of update is likely to be announced in late 2022 or early 2023. So if the fans get an update by the previously mentioned timeline, the Grimoire Of The Zero Season 2 will release in the ending months of 2023.

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