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Young Black Jack Season 2: When will Mystery Series Return?

Detective Conan & Black Jack are some of the series that has piqued fans’ interest in mystery and thrillers. Decades after the Black Jack ended, the series made an amazing comeback in 2015 as Young Black Jack.

The Young Black Jack returned with its exciting old-school thrill and mysteries once again. However, it ended way too soon for the fans. The series’ dormancy has been scaring fans for the last seven years, and now they want to know whether Young Black Jack will return with another season or not.

So, is there any chance for Young Black Jack Season 2 to return? Scroll down to know everything! 

Manga and Anime

The Young Black Jack is a prequel and adaptation of the original manga named Black Jack which was written and illustrated by Tezuka Osamu. It was first published on November 19th, 1973, and collected 25 volumes and 243 chapters before ending on October 14th, 1983. 

The manga has inspired TV anime adaptation, several movies, games, and many media franchises over time and has been successful for many years.

The Young Black Jack manga is written by Yoshiaki Tabata & Illustrated by Yougo Ōkuma. 

It was published by Akita Shoten on November 22nd, 2011. It had 16 volumes and 142 chapters and finished on June 11th, 2019.

On May 8th, 2015, the series anime adaptation was announced via the 11th issue of Akita Shoten’s Young Champion magazine. The anime was directed by Mitsuko Kase and produced by studio Tezuka Productions. It aired 12 episodes from October 1st, 2015 to December 17th, 2015.

Will There be Young Jack Black Season 2?

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There are many reasons why we think that Tezuka Production is holding off on Young Black Jack, and it will return for Season 2. The production studio owns the original Black Jack anime franchise, and hence there is not much of a hassle to take references of original anime or make a remake like the Dororo series.

Secondly, season 1 didn’t cover all the source material. It only used 3 volumes and the makers can still use the content from the remaining 13 volumes.  Most importantly, the series reception was quite good. It is rated  7.23 on MAL and is ranked #2784 overall & #1964 on the popularity poll. So, fans could be at ease because the chances are good that there will be Young Black Jack Season 2.


The story of Young Black Jack takes place in the 1960s and follows young Kuroo Hazama, who has a peculiar appearance, a body ridiculed in scars, and unusual black and white hair. He strives to become a doctor and wants to achieve the impossible. He is blessed with brilliance in surgery and got acknowledged by others.

Hazama’s path to becoming a surgeon gets tougher and tougher when he stumbles upon situations. He manages to cure people every time and always lives up to his name, The BlackJack.

Release Date

Tezuka production has always surprised the fans with its updates and announcements from time to time. It’s a studio that has known the potential of the old series and made quite a fortune from it. So, Tezuka production might not let go of a series like Young Black Jack.

They are likely waiting for the right time to release the sequel. The manga has ended in 2019, and now the fans are restless to see its story hitting the screens. Hence, there is a possibility that Young Black Jack Season 2 might release in late 2022 or in mid-2023.

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