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Revisions Season 2: What is the Possibility of Anime’s Return?

ONA anime series has always struggled to gain attention from fans, and hence not all shows managed to get it. Series like Castlevania, 7 Seeds are some good examples of such shows. One such show is Revisions, which also met the same fate.

Despite having a good production backing up the series, it was quite underrated. The anime never failed to entertain its viewers and has attained its own fanbase who adores the series very much.

This fanbase is quite loyal and they still ask and search for updates. They desperately want to see another installment of this show and are curiously waiting for the makers to announce it. So, will there be Revisions Season 2? More details ahead. 

Manga & Anime

On 8th March 2018, it was announced via noitaminA lineup event that an original anime titled Revisions is set for winter 2019, produced by Studio Shirogumi. The series was produced in 3DCG and was directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Makoto Fukami & Taichi Hashimoto. It premiered on Netflix & Fuji TV on January 10th, 2019, and aired 12 episodes till March 28, 2019.

Revisions further got manga adaptation written by Kimura Kou aka SFS & illustrated by Kuro. It was first published on November 26th, 2018 by Kodansha and completed its 2 volumes and 8 chapters on June 26th, 2019.

The series was a bit complicated because the anime was already in production, and then the manga got into development too. That was supposed to be a head start for the popularity of the anime series, but the manga wasn’t able to do much.

Will There Be Revisions Season 2?

Milo Revisions

Revisions is one of those anime shows that have a high possibility of getting a continuation. The series was a hit but failed to get high ratings. It was rated 6.07 by 15k members on its MAL group and is ranked #2390 on the popularity poll.

The series was well accepted by fans and they praised its animation. There were many things left unsaid such as how the time leap began in the first place, and what is the mystery behind the Purple building. The ending of the first season hinted at the sequel.

However, nothing has been announced so far regarding Revisions Season 2. But, if it is on the cards, then fans can expect to get an update later this year. 

Plot Details

The story of Revisions follows Daisuke Toujima, a high schooler who was once kidnapped when he was young. But, he was saved by a strange woman named Milo. She revealed to him that he is a child of a prophecy where five people will meet huge enemies, and only he can protect everyone. Since then, he has grown a massive hero complex and has become a social outcast as a result of his personality.

One day, a unique phenomenon called Shibuya Drift occurs and Daisuke and his childhood pals Gai, Ru, Marimari, and Keisaku find themselves 300 years ahead in the future. They were transferred to Shibuya’s center where endless wilderness and forest, interspersed ruin, future residents, and “Revisions” which are massive mechanical creatures, await them. Trampled by the monsters and oblivious to the circumstances, Milo reappears and hands them a mobile suit called “String Puppet.” The boys and girls fight and try to find their way to return to their original time, despite being separated by pathways, foes, and prophecies.

Revisions Season 2 will likely pick up in London, where the first season of the anime ended with new characters and new enemies. It would be interesting to see how the same incident is connected to two different locations. Maybe Keisuke will appear again, and if that happens the team from Japan will join this expedition too, likewise, big revelations will be made, to keep fans stick to this awesome series.

Release Date

Now, for the main question: when will the series return? So, the studio has completed its current year’s project in Night Head 2401, and didn’t announce any new ones. So, there is a great chance that fans will hear about the series in 2022. If the announcement is made this year, then Revisions Season 2 might premiere sometime in 2022. 

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