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Who are Asta’s Parents? Everything About Parents’ Identities!

A shonen anime is incomplete without the mysteries of the protagonist’s parents. This annoys fans but always keeps them on their toes about the revelations. The same thing happens with the fans of Black Clovers as well. More than 170 episodes and 300 chapters have been released, but no one really knows who are the parents of, or more specifically, who is the father of the series protagonist, Asta. 

Asta’s parents remained a mystery which made everyone anxious. However, fans have made a lot of theories considering the fact that he has no mana. The series went on & on with neither foreshadowing nor any glimpse of Asta’s parents until episode 170 & chapter 268, where a jaw-dropping revelation was made. So, who really is Asta’s father and mother? Everything that we know about their identity from the series.

Who Is Asta?

Black Clover is a very popular anime, and now it is counted as one of the big three of the new generation Shonen. The series follows a young boy named Asta. He grew up in a church with other kids and aspires to become the Wizard King. However, unlike others, Asta doesn’t have any kind of magic. Rather, he has been blessed with anti-magic skills thanks to the devil inside him. 

The life of Asta took a sudden turn when he got his hands on five clover grimoires with a demon named Leibe sealed inside it, which loathes every other demon and wants to destroy them. Soon, Asta passed the Magic Knight entrance exam and became a part of the Black Bulls Squad.

But one of the greatest mysteries of the series is how Asta ended up in the orphanage and who are his parents? Well, in Black Clover Season 3, fans saw a shocking revelation about his parents and Leibe’s past, which were tangled with each other by the threads of fate.

Asta’s Mother – Richita

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In manga Chapter 268 and Episode 162 of the anime, Richita(written as Lichita) was introduced as Asta’s mother. Leibe was thrown into the human world by the other devils. He was surrounded by humans and was even attacked by Magic Knights. Injured and waiting for death, he closed his eyes, but when he opened them, he found himself in the house. A woman was looking at him and introduced herself as Richita. She explained that she found him in the forest along with a five clover Grimoire.

Richita explained her power with a strange oddity that lets her absorb mana from any living being around her and ultimately kill them. Not only that, but she can also manipulate objects with no mana and store them anywhere she wants. 

Due to this ability, she couldn’t live with normal people and was exiled by the villagers.

Leibe was surprised she wasn’t afraid of him, and Richita answered that she wasn’t afraid of an injured kid with no mana. Leibe has an anti-magic that allows him to stay near Richita. As a result, she decided to take care of him, and they began to live as mother and son. 

But one day, Lucifero finds Leibe in the human world and tries to take advantage of this situation. Lucifero is the strongest devil who is desperately trying to come out in the human world. So he possesses Liebe’s body. Richita had no clue of what was going around but she managed to separate Lucifero from Leibe with her ability. However, before she completely pulls Liebe out, Lucifero pierces her chest. Her persistent mother’s heart manages to save Leibe, and having no choice, she seals Leibe in the Five Clover Grimoire to protect him from Lucifero. In her ending moments, Richita tells Liebe to live on.

Why did Richita Leave Asta At Orphanage?

.Richita left Asta at Hage’s village church in the fear that if he stayed alongside her, her oddity would kill him. Despite her cheery character, she was very lonely in reality. She found her happiness with Leibe and lived the life she always dreamt of. But from the beginning, misfortunes never left her side.

The revelation that Richita is Asta’s mom also explained why Asta was manaless. Asta’s powers were removed due to Richita’s mana sucking powers while he was in the womb.

Who is Asta’s Father?

So far, the series has only introduced Richita as Asta’s mother, and there is no information on his father. Fortunately, the series is still far from being over, so fans can expect to get an update on Asta’s father very soon. 

Black Clover anime series is currently on a break and ended with the Spade Kingdom War arc. Whenever it continues, it will feature the Rescue Arc, where the Magic Knights will fight with several strong devils. A Black Clover movie has also been announced that will premiere in 2022.

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