Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha

Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha Opening & Ending Theme Revealed

Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha anime official website has revealed the opening and ending theme of the anime’s second season on 21st October, 2022.

The opening theme is“℃” (pronounced as Do-Si) by Luck Life and the ending theme will be “Hitominaka” by Tei . The second season of the anime will start airing in January 2023.

Luck Life has given their music to Tsurune series first movie along with his work for famous animes like Boungou Stray Dogs season 1, 2 and 3, Cheer Danshi!  season 1 and 2, Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Tootsuki Ressha-hen and many more.

While the music of the series has got the hype, the production announced that Jun Fukuyama will be joining the team as Eisuke Nikaido and Yusho Kamimura and Kensho Ono will return to their roles of Minato Narumiya and Akira Fujiwara, respectively.

Tsurune is an original Light Novel written by Kotoko Ayane and illustrated by Chinastsu Morimoto. The series got an official serialization by Kyoto animation and is being published in KA Esuma Bunko from December 2016. The series continue to release new chapters with 3 volumes already collected.

The first book was released by the studio in December 2016 after winning a Special Judge Award at the Kyoto Animation Award competition.

Kyoto animation studio adapted the light novel to an anime series in 2018. The first season aired 13 episodes from October 2018 to January 2019. Along with this, an anime movie was also released in August 2022 titled Tsurune: Hajimari no Issha.

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