Is Yami Sukhehiro Dead? Revealing Black Clover’s Mystery!

Black Clover is one of those anime shows that have recently gained its fair share of popularity after facing a lot of criticism early on. The show’s popularity has increased to the point that it has become one of the big three Shonen anime of the new generation.

It is an original fantasy manga series by Yuki Tabata which is currently on its 30th volume and is featuring the rescue arc of William and Yami. The series also has an anime adaptation by studio Pierrot which is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara. Its last episode aired on March 30, 2021, and currently, the show is on a break.

In Chapter 260 & episode 167 of the Black Clover series, captain Yami Sukhehiro & William Vengaence are abducted by Zenon & Dante for Qliphoth Advent Ritual is extracting the life force from both Magic Knight Squad captains. It sent fans into curiosity over whether Yami remains alive or dead after this.

In this article, we will discuss and try to answer if Yami is dead, or will he die in a future episode of Black Clover?  And why did the Dark Triad abduct Yami?

Who Is Yami Sukehiro?


Yami Sukehiro was first introduced in Episode  4 of anime Chapter 2 of the manga series. Yami is the first and current captain of the Black Bulls squad. Yami is one of the peer characters of the series and mentor of Asta. When every captain refused to take Asta in their Squad, Yami personally approached Asta to invite him into his squad.

Yami always supported his juniors and fought many battles with them. If it weren’t for Yami, Asta never would have grown as a Magic Knight and many others also would not have fulfilled their potential. Throughout the series, Yami has played many key roles in different missions. Despite being so strong, Yami is now in a very difficult situation.

Why did The Dark Triad Abducted Yami?

Dante and the Dark triad’s purpose behind kidnapping Yami and William were to summon Lucifero through The Tree of Qliphoth Advent Ritual. In chapter 267 & Episode 168, Nacht makes its debut as the Vice-captain of Black Bulls. He was undercover in the Spades Kingdom until now, which helped him discover the truth &  purpose behind the schemes of the Dark Triad.

He explains the ritual at the meeting of the Magic Knight Squad’s captains. The ritual required three dark mages and The World Tree, which connects the underworld. After Ritual starts, it requires seven days to complete, and when it’s done, both the Mages & Tree die. The ritual opens the 7 Gates of Underworld, where the devils are sealed. But with each day of the ritual, a Gate of the floor opens, and the devils are released. The devils on the lower level are stronger than the devils residing on the upper floor, making the bottommost Devil the strongest, which is Lucifero.,

For the sacrifice of this ritual sacrifice, Dante & Zenon abduct William & Yami as the former has tree magic and the latter has dark magic. Zenon, who successfully abducted Yami, returns to the Spade kingdom while Asta isn’t able to continue fighting & passes out. The news spreads, and soon the rumors began to come out that Yami was dead. Asta became devastated and blamed himself for his weakness. But the sudden appearance of Nacht reveals that Yami isn’t dead yet. He explains that Asta’s antimagic holds the key to stopping the ritual and preventing Lucifero’s revival.

Will Yami Die?


In Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, fans see Magic Knight Squad Captains and Black Bulls invading the castle where William and Yami are sealed in Coffins and placed in Magic Circle. The Dark Triad has already activated the Ritual. They all engage in an intense fight with each Triad and even manage to defeat them. However, Morris uses his magic to accelerate the growth of the World Tree. He opens the second Gate, the two Devils Nahamah & Lilith & a horde of inferior Devils came out of it. This made both Yami & William live droop in more danger.

The Dark Triad was successfully defeated in Chapter 311 & magic circles disappear & we get a glimpse of Yami, who is still alive in chapter 313. However, they’re still in danger as Lucifero manages to resurrect himself into a worm-shaped creature. Asta was able to Manifest Demon Slasher Katana to cut down the creature and Yami & William are freed. The latest chapter ended this way, so it is safe to say that Yami isn’t dead yet. However, the fate of Yami Sukehiro will depend on the next few chapters of the Black Clover manga series. Now, it will be interesting to see whether Asta and Yuno will be able to save their beloved squad captains or not. 

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