Simpson Death Note Parody

Viz Media Praises Simpson for Death Note Parody!

The recent episode of Simpsons, which was a spoof of a famous anime Death Note, gets validation from the series’ original English publisher’s Viz Media.

Simpson season 34 episode 6 which aired on October 30 as part of The Simpsons’ most recent “Treehouse of Horror” special, was addressed by VIZ in a recent tweet. In the parody, Lisa Simpson plays Light Yagami, a character who finds the “Death Note,” a book which eliminates anybody just by putting their name in it. 

DR Movie, a company that also worked on the Death Note anime, created the episode, which contains characters from The Simpsons animated in the style of the classic supernatural thriller.

Viz media praised Lisa for her character via their Twitter account. The company praised the way Lisa used the notebook to defend the environment from those who are ecologically irresponsible. The spoof included several Simpson characters, including Homer, Marge, and Mr. Burns. 

After Carolyn Omine, a member of the writing crew, suggested the idea for the episode, Ryan Koh, another writer for The Simpsons, wrote the episode’s screenplay. 

Despite their initial plans to handle the parody themselves, The Simpsons producer Richard Raynis persuaded the animation crew to engage a professional anime studio in order “to do this right .” 

As a result, in March 2022, the organization started collaborating with the DR Movie. Despite having a very limited window of time to complete the seven-minute animation before its October release. A 90-second clip of the episode was also unveiled at Comic-Con earlier this year for promotions.

The Halloween Special parody includes a new Death Note prohibition also. It is that Lisa is forbidden from killing the same victim more than once. The Simpsons’ irreverent humour is perfect for the many peculiar death scenarios that come from this. The episode has garnered 3.7 millions viewers and a 1.2 ratings in 18-49 demographics in US.

Death Note is an original manga written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba. Shueisha publications serialised the series from December 2003 to May 2006. The series has a total of 12 volumes and several spin-offs, light novels, novels, manga, live-action, OVA, and many adaptations. The series’ official anime adaptation was produced by Madhouse, which aired 37 episodes from October 2006 to June 2007. 

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