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Alice & Zouroku Season 2- What is the Possibility of Series Return?

Everyone loves fantasy shows that come up with a pinch of a slice of life genre, and the anime Alice & Zouroku is the perfect example of it. It treated the viewers all around the world with a really good fantasy story and a slice of life drama. The series had it all from action, fantasy drama to some mellow moments.

However, it ran only for twelve episodes and it certainly wasn’t enough for its fans. As a result, they are continuously asking for another season from its makers. So,  will Alice & Zouroku return with a second season or not? Keep on reading to know every single detail about Season 2. 

Manga Status Of The Anime

Alice & Zouroku is an original manga series, written & illustrated by Tetsuya Imai. It was first published by Takuma Shoten and is still ongoing. So far the manga has completed 9 volumes and 40 chapters along with 2 spinoff series. In 2013, the manga won the Japan Media Arts Festival’s New Face Award and was widely popular among fans. On April 2nd, 2017 the anime adaptation of the series hit the screens that ended on June 25th, 2017 after completing 12 episodes. The anime was produced by J.C. Staff 

and they adapted 29 chapters of the 4th volume in its first season. Fortunately, there is enough material for them to make Alice & Zouroku Season 2.

Will There Be Alice & Zouroku Season 2? 

Kashimura Sana & Kashimura, Zouroku

The show was really popular when it premiered four years ago. It managed to create its own place with a rating of  7.11 by 41k members on its MAL group. The beautiful storyline gained this show a lot of followers. Moreover, the manga hasn’t been finished, and the studio still has so much content left uncovered. So, the possibility of Alice & Zouroku Season 2 taking place is really good. Now, the fans only have to be patient and wait for an update from the officials. 

Plot Details

Alice & Zouroku follows a girl named Sana, who looks like an average little girl but she has a special ability called “Alice’s Dream.” Most of her childhood was spent in a  laboratory where she acted as a test subject because of her powers. Her powers allow her to create anything using her imagination. One day she escapes from the laboratory and encounters a stubborn old florist named Zouroku Kashimura in a convenience store. Sana’s pursuers catch up with her all too quickly, but Zouroku saves her and takes her with him.

In the last episode, fans saw Alice escaping from wonderland along with her friend, and then in the final moments, there was a grown-up Alice holding flowers and thanking Zouroku. Well,  it’s obvious that old age has shown its might in the manga, but nothing happened like that in the anime yet. Therefore, the odds will return again for more adventures when Alice & Zouroku Season 2 hit the screens. 

Alice & Zouroku Season 2: Release date 

Four years have passed, and there is still no update from the creators or the studio. In recent years, the original manga went to an online platform and the response wasn’t that great. It seems like the fans have to wait for a little bit more to get an update on Alice & Zouroku Season 2. If the announcement takes place next year, then it might be released in the year 2023. 

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