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Blend S Season 2: Possible Release Date, Manga Status, Plots

Cafe and cosplay are a big part of anime culture, and there are many shows with the same theme that hit the screen every year. But there is no anime that could be compared to Blend S.

Blend S is one of the most famous anime which has influenced both cosplay and roleplay culture. Every fan around the world wants to visit the same cafe like the one that was featured in the series once in their lifetime.

However, its first season ended before fans could get a good serving of sweet romance. So will the series return with Blend S Season 2 to fulfill the wish of its fans? Read on to know the answer. 

Manga & Anime

Blend S is an original 4 – Koma comedy slice-of-life manga series which is written & illustrated by Miyuki Nakayama. It was published by Houbunsha on August 28, 2013, & collected 7 volumes, and is still ongoing.

On August 8th, 2016, the official announcement of the anime adaptation was made through the official website of the series. The anime series was directed by Ryouji Masuyama & produced by Studio A-1 Pictures. It ran for 12 episodes from October 8th, 2017 to December 24th, 2017. This run didn’t cover the entire plot of the manga series, and five volumes are still untouched that can be used in Blend S Season 2 and beyond that.

Will There Be Blend S Season 2?

Blend s Characters

The first season of this anime was a huge hit and is known by many fans across the globe. It bagged the ratings of 7.31 by 306k members on its MAL group and has an overall 

ranking of #2382 & is ranked #287 on the popularity poll. It has more than 563K members on MAL, and these numbers clearly indicate the popularity of this show. So, canceling the series at this stage would be a huge waste.

The original manga faced several hiatus from time to time. As mentioned earlier, the first season of the anime only adapted the first two volumes, and now it has more than enough content to adapt in the sequel. Therefore, the odds are still in favor of Blend S Season 2, and it might be announced this year itself.

Plot Details

The story of Blend S follows Maika Sakuranomiya, who is looking for a part-time job so that she can save enough money to study abroad. She is very energetic and cheerful.  But, her smile is menacing and scares off everybody. However, after failing a long row of interviews, she came across a role-playing cafe called Cafe Stile.

The manager of the cafe, Dino, hires Maika after being swept by her cuteness and sadistic look. Thanks to a job with a not-so-befitting character, she becomes a star of the cafe, and her story begins with hilarious and some awkward puns. The season finale ended with a warm thank you from Maika to everyone, but fans wanted to see a little bit more of a romantic track in the series which could take place in Blend S Season 2.

Blend S Season 2: Release Date 

The second season of Blend S anime series might return sooner than later. A-1 Studios is one of those studios that never let a good series go to waste. But, before the announcement of the second season, the creators might be looking for a good date such as the release of manga volume as it gives a big push to attention before the premiere of the sequel. So, we might get an update on Blend S Season 2 with the release of the next manga volume by the end of 2022.

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