Insomniacs After School

Insomniacs After School Official Anime Release Date Announced

The television anime adaptation of Makoto Ojiro’s manga Insomniacs After School(Kimi wa Hokago Insomnia) is now confirmed by the official website of Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine. 

The magazine shared the news in its latest issue and announced that the anime will premiere in April 2023 and along with a Live-action adaptation. The animated Television series will start broadcasting on Tokyo TV and other Japanese networks in April 2023.

The official anime website has shared the key visual, trailer, staff, and cast news too. You can check the trailer below:

The anime’s main cast includes Gen Sato as Ganta Nakami and Konomi Tamura as Isaki Magari. The staff includes Yuki Ikeda as Director, Rintaro Ikeda for series composition, Hiroaki Fukuda for character design and Hayashi Yuki for Music.

Insomniacs After School (Kimi wa Hokago Insomnia) is an original manga written and illustrated by Makoto Ojiro. Since May 2019, it has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits, a seinen manga publication. 

On March 21, Viz Media will release the first compilation book volume of the English-language Insomniacs After School manga. The series has published 10 volumes as of September 2022 in different tankobon volumes.

The story ofr Insomniacs After School follows two insomniac teenage students who meet in an abandoned astronomy observatory club room. One is Ganta Nakami- a moody and boring guy. All he wants to do is sleep in peace but that too is difficult for him, until he finds the school’s abandoned Astronomy observatory club room. 

Finally finding a place to sleep in solitude he found the company of a strange girl, Isaki Magari who is also sleepless like him. With a weird similarity between them, a friendship hit off.

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