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Triage X Season 2: What does Series Need to do to Return Again?

Anime fans all around the world have different tastes, some are action lovers and some are way too cultured, and to make these men & women of culture happy isn’t an easy job. Though Triage X easily grabbed the attention of these fans and became one of the most underrated series. However, the series had only episodes with the rumor that it was cut-off short. So, is this rumor true and is there any chance that fans will see Triage X Season 2? Keep on reading to know everything.

Manga & Anime

Triage X is an original manga series written & illustrated by Shouji Satou. It was first published by Fujimi Shobo on April 9th, 2009 & is still ongoing. The series has 23 collected volumes by August 2021.

On 31st August 2014, the anime adaptation of the series was announced via its official website which opened on the same day. The series was produced by studio Xebec & directed by Akio Takami & Takao Kato, it aired 10 episodes from April 8th, 2015 till June 10th, 2015.

There is also an OVA named Triage X: xoxo episode of the series which premiered on November 2nd, 2015.

The anime was not cut off short and the series was originally planned to be 10 episodes long. And the OVA’s plot continued the original storyline a bit. So, the OVA can be considered as the 11th episode of the anime series but not a canon.

The first season of the anime used the content till the ninth volume of the manga. A total of 14 volumes are still waiting to get an adaptation. Therefore, it is clear that the makers are not short on source material for Triage X Season 2. 

Will There Be Triage X Season 2?

The fans who are eagerly waiting for the next season of Triage X, need to know that unfortunately, the series was officially canceled by Tokyo MX, who are one of the broadcasters of the series.

Since the manga is still being continued, there is a good chance that the production house might pick up the series again if the manga reception is considerable. Also, the series has a good fan base and has a score of 6.33 by 55k members on its MAL group. It is ranked at #1284 on the popularity poll. Hence, there is still a little possibility that Triage X might return for a second season.

Plot Details

The story of Triage X follows Arashi Mikami, who almost lost his life to protect his friend in a terrorist attack when he was a child. His life was saved by an unusual surgeon who was the father of his best friend. The Surgeon leads the assassin group known as Black Label which executes filthy criminals.

The story has elements of both action and ecchi. When the series’ unaired OVA episode premiered, fans were disappointed not because it was bad, but it suggested the series was cut short. The OVA ended at the 12th volume, So, if Triage X Season 2 ever happens, it will continue its storyline from Volume 13.

Triage X Season 2: Release Date

The author of the manga was originally supposed to end the series on the 21st volume. However, later he announced via his Twitter account that the manga will be continued. So, if the manga somehow manages to hit a good number of sales by next year, the series might get picked up again for Triage X Season 2. It is a long process, so even if the show gets a renewal, it won’t return before 2024.

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