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Welcome to the Ballroom: Will Anime Series Return for Season 2?

“Ballroom e Youkoso” or “Welcome to the Ballroom” is definitely a must-watch series. It is a treat for the fans who love to enjoy the thrill of sports with a hint of romance and comedy. WTTB has gained love from many fans from all over the world with the help of its hilarious and beautiful storyline. The ending of the first season has left fans waiting for more of the series. So, will there be Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2? If yes, then when will it premiere? Keep reading to know everything. 

Manga Status Of The Anime

Welcome to the Ballroom is an original manga series written and illustrated by Tomo Takeuchi. It was first serialized on November 5, 2011. The 10th Volume of the series has been released and completed its 45 chapters, and the manga is still on the run.

The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in February 2017 by the studio Production I.G. Its first episode aired on July 8, 2017, and the last one came out on December 17, 2017. Its first run has 24 episodes that overtook the content of the manga. However, the manga faced a lot of issues due to its author’s poor health. Since Production I.G. already adapted all the available chapters, they have nothing left to use in Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2.

Will There Be Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2?

The first season of Ballroom e Youkoso was highly successful. It gained a lot of popularity which was evident on various forums. The series was liked so much that it managed to get a score of 8.20 on MAL with 115k members. Its overall rank is #317 and is ranked #663 on the popularity poll clearly shows how good this show actually is.

However, there isn’t any kind of announcement made by the officials regarding Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2. Also, no source material is left to use in the sequel. So, it slightly reduces the chances for the anime to return. But, it won’t be shocking if the makers decide to go with original content in the second season due to the popularity of the series. 

Ballroom e Youkoso: Plot Details

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WTTB follows the story of a teenage boy named Fujita Tatara. He suffered from many family and economic issues and was bullied at school. Due to these events, he became aimless for his future. However, one day after school, he follows his crush to a dancing studio. The girl is also going through similar problems as him. But when Fujita sees her and others dance, he ends up joining the dance studio as well. Ballroom dance helps him in finding himself, and it also gives him a dream to follow. Soon, he entered the Ballroom Competition.

Every single character in the story had an engaging past and immersive personality, which bubbled the hearts of many viewers. In the ending moments, fans saw Tatara and his partner Chinatsu winning the Metropolitan Tournament and Chinatsu kissing him on the cheek, which made Chinatsu x Tatara shippers delighted. Now, in Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2, the fans might see Tatara and Chinatsu participating at higher levels. 

Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2: Release Date

Now for the main part, when will the second season of the anime come out? As mentioned above, the anime’s story preceded the manga, which means the anime is ahead of the original story. Therefore, now the manga will likely take a year or two to catch up. If the manga manages to follow up with the anime without going into hiatus again, then Welcome To The Ballroom Season 2 might release in 2023.

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