Spy X Family Episode 22

Spy X Family Episode 22: Release Date & Time, Spoilers, Where to Watch

Spy X Family episode 22 will air on TV Tokyo on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 11 p.m. JST.

In the United States, the episode will be available exclusively on Crunchyroll. Asian fans can watch the episode on the Muse Asia or Muse India YouTube channels for free.

Fans can also stream the episode on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BiliBili, and iQIYI. The release date and time in different countries and timezones are as below:

  • PST: 6 am, Saturday, December 3
  • CST: 8 am, Saturday, December 3
  • EST: 9 am, Saturday, December 3
  • BST: 3 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • CET: 4 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • IST: 7.30 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • Philippines: 10 pm, Saturday, December 3
  • ACST: 11.30 pm, Sunday, December 3

Recap of Episode 31

Episode 21, has adapted the manga chapters 30 and 24.5. The episode starts off with the debut of the character Nightfall as the agent of WISE, with her continuous interruption in the Loid mission.

The other agents were convinced that Nightfall’s cold and stern eyes were on Loid’s mission. With an order for the mission, she goes to Forger’s home, and it didn’t take much time for Anya to unravel her secret crush on Loid.

And fans finally saw the animated version of Anya’s famous meme. She tried gaslighting Yor into thinking that Loid isn’t happy with her and tries to prove that she is better, but fails to pull it off. The episode was a ride of emotion with good laughter and a pinch of drama at the end of part 1 of the episode.

The second part of the episode adapted chapter 24.5, which had a small quarrel between Bond and Anya, which resolved pretty quickly. Bond messed up Anya’s general penguin, to which Anya said she hated him, though Loid helped her reconcile with Bond with her peanuts.

Spoilers for Episode 22

The episode will likely adapt manga chapters 31 and 32. The episode will start the Underground Tennis arc.

Twilight aka Loid and Nightfall will disguise themselves to secure a painting in possession of a tycoon named Campbelldon. They have to win a tournament that will give them a chance to select and take any of his possessions.

Nightfall didn’t let go of this chance and entered their names as a couple. With this small victory for her, she wants to make it big and permanent by making Loid realize that she is better than Yor.

As top-notch spies, they handled the professional tennis players with ease but little did they know that there are no rules in underground Tennis, doping, using enhanced equipment, and even sniping in the middle of a game are allowed. So, the next episodes will have some spy action while Yor will be in a fix for her relationship with Loid.

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