Golden Kamuy: Complete Details on Season 4, Release Date

There aren’t many historical anime shows that managed to impress fans. Well, Golden Kamuy broke this orthodox and has created its fanbase all over the world. What made this series outstanding was its unexpected and hilarious gags. So far, three seasons of Golden Kamuy are released with 36 episodes. The series has also managed to fulfill the promise the makers made on Twitter with the announcement of the anime adaptation three years ago.

Now, 2021 came with a pleasant surprise for the fans of this show. The series was picked up by Brain Base studio for Golden Kamuy Season 4. Not only that, but the studio has already released the first PV of the fourth season. So when will the new season of the series premiere? Keep on reading to know. 

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Promo 

The promo of Golden Kamuy Season 4 features Asirpa leaping the rift of the snowy mountains and landing in Sugimoto arms which is quite similar to episode 35 and the manga chapter 188. Also in PV, fans saw both of them gearing up for a new journey after renewing their contract. The next season will focus on the return to the Hokkaido arc where the main characters will return from Russia to Japan. Moreover, the upcoming season will introduce several new characters as well.

Manga Status Of The Anime

Golden Kamuy is an original manga written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. It was published by Shueisha in Weekly Young Jump. The series was first serialized on April 21, 2014. A total of 27 volumes that have 281 chapters have been published so far, and the series is still ongoing. Golden Kamuy manga was so popular that it won the ninth Manga Taishō award in 2016 & has sold over 17 million copies by this year.

Looking at the series’ popularity, an anime adaptation was announced by Geno Studio in 2016.

The series was planned to be 36 episodes long with 3 seasons. Its first season of 12 episodes premiered on April 9, 2018, and ran till June 25, 2018. It covered 62 chapters of the “Murder hotel arc”.

The following 12 episodes or the second season aired from October 8, 2018, to December 24, 2018, covering 63 – 139 chapters of “Abashiri prison arc.” Later on October 5, 2020, the third season came back on screens and completed its 12 episodes run on December 21, 2020, which covered 140 – 201 chapters of “return to the Hokkaido arc”. Along with these, the series also has 4 OVAs and 33 ONAs which cover the Omake chapters of the manga.

A lot of source material was still left, and hence Brain Base studio came forward and decided to use this content in Golden Kamuy Season 4. Also, Geno ended the anime series with a cliffhanger, and the show wasn’t meant to end there. Also, in May 2021, Noda informed the fans via the Magazine Young Jump that the series had finally reached its climax. So, the next season can bring some exciting new thrills to watch.

Golden Kamuy: Plot Details

Sugimoto Saichi

The story of this anime follows a war veteran Sugimoto, who survived the Meiji-era Russo-Japanese war in Hokkaido. It is Japan’s far northernmost island. During that battle, he was renowned as the “Invincible Sugimoto,” and now he’s looking for the riches promised by the gold rush in the hopes of saving the suffering wife of his dead comrade. During his gold-hunting expedition, he discovers hints of a hidden gold stockpile held by corrupt criminals. He sets off on a journey which is a race against robbers and criminals in search of their secret treasure. During the journey, he meets an Ainu girl who saves his life from the harsh temperatures of the north, and then a new journey begins for both of them.

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Release Date

The series has a score of 7.85 by 113k members on its MAL, and on the very platform, it anchored the rank of #630 on the Popularity Poll. So, the fourth season is certainly a well-deserved continuation.

The studio Brain Base has already released its first PV on December 5 in a special event. However, they haven’t revealed the exact release date of the next season. But the fans don’t have to worry because the chances are good that Golden Kamuy Season 4 will be released in Spring 2022.

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