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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Characters

The Chainsaw Man anime series’ second season is highly anticipated after the huge success of the first season.

My Anime List ranked the anime at #62 in the all-time manga list and #118 in the popularity index, while its community has more than a million members on the site. This, along with the surge in sales of its manga series, would surely give an impetus for Mappa to bring out season 2 as soon as possible.

Chainsaw Man season 1 aired 12 episodes from October to December 2022, introducing anime fans to a new world of devils. The release date of second season is not officially announced at this point, but it is expected to cover more intricate storylines from the highly successful manga.

What does Chainsaw Man season 2 have in store for us? When is the sequel season expected to air? What will happen to Denji in the second season? Read below for the complete storyline and spoilers.

When will Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release?

Right now, the expectation is that Chainsaw Man season two will release in the Spring or Winter of 2025. Even if Mappa start to work on the next season right away, it will be unreasonable to expect it to come out before the final quarter of the year 2024.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Storyline

The anime’s first season adapted the Katana Devil arc, which covers manga chapters 1 to 38. Chainsaw Man season 2 will likely adapt from manga chapters 39 to 79. It can also be expected that it might be divided into two cour just like the final season of Attack on Titan from the same studio.

The next season will progress more into the Public Saga parent arc and would feature some more Devils targeting Denji and Makima in to-and-fro battles. Fans should also expect some shocking revelations about Gun Devil and Makima. This season will cover three possible sub-arcs, which are as below.

**Spoilers Alert**

Bomb Girl(Bomb Devil ) Arc 

Reze & Denji

The bomb girl arc lasted from chapters 39 to 52 of the manga. During this arc, Denji meets a girl named Reze, and she seems to be into him. As their friendship blooms into love, Reze turns out to be a Devil.

Makima learns about it and tries to help Denji, but Reze wants to take Denji away. She is a Bomb Devil who seduces Denji and tries to assassinate him under the order of Gun Devil.

The International Assassin arc 

Doll Devil in Chainsaw Man

Chapters 53 to 70 of Chainsaw Man manga are known as the International Assassin arc. During this arc, several Devil Hunters from across the globe come to Japan to capture Denji. While Denji is moping about his first break-up, he has to face several Devil hunters one after the other.

During the climax of this card, a Devil Hunter and her harem of fiend devils are able to push Denji and Makima into a corner. However, Denji saves the day by winning the fight from an innocuous position.

The Gun Devil Arc(possibly)

Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man

While the above-mentioned arcs will surely feature in the second season, The Gun Devil Arc might also be included since it lasted only for 9 chapters(71 to 79).

Gun Devil makes their debut during this arc. The Gun Devil contractor is also revealed and he raids Japan to kill Denji and Makima. A big revelation is also made regarding Makima’s true identity.

During this arc, Denji’s consciousness gets devoured by Chainsaw Devil’s blood thirst and he loses his mind. Denji then realizes the true motives of Makima as Public Safety moves to its climax.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Cast and Staff 

The production staff has yet to announce the season 2 staff and cast. Although it’s highly likely that the cast from first season will be mostly retained for the sequel also. Apart from that, some new characters will also be introduced which are as below:

  • Reze
  • Typhoon Devil
  • Aldo
  • Joey
  • Tolka
  • Quanxi
  • Pingtsi
  • Long
  • Cosmo
  • Tsugihagi
  • Santa Claus
  • Kusakabe
  • Tamaoki
  • Hirofumi Yoshida
  • Subaru
  • Nakamura
  • Doll Devil 
  • Octopus Devil
  • Darkness Devil

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