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My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date and Ending Theme leaks

 A release date for the second cour of My Hero Academia season 6 has been revealed.

A well-known fan and Twitter user Ever has shared a picture of the Shonen Jump Page, which gives the release date and the new ending theme for the upcoming cour.

My Hero Academia season 6 cour 2 is set to premiere on Saturday, January 7, 2023, most likely preserving its current time slot. The rock band Six Lounge will play the brand-new ending theme reportedly titled “Kitakaze.”

The news is said to be a leak as it hasn’t got an official confirmation yet. But, if the imprint of Shonen Jump will be issued then fans can rest assured.

The second cour will adapt the Tartarus Escapee Arc, and probably Star and Stripe Arc. These two arcs are the climax builder arcs just before the final arc.

So, it’s likely that the series will get its seventh confirmed season. Tthe official animation studio Bones has officially ended a series named Mob Psycho with a good 6-year run, giving the second cour of My Hero Academia season 6 proper production time and budget.

The 375th chapter of the manga is out and chapter 376th will be released on 25th December 2022. Fans can then confirm the date and another leak for the anime.

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