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Danchigai Season 2: Will The Series Return for Another Season?

Danchigai was one of those ecchi-comedy series that makes the watchers roll on the floor. The short format series’ light-hearted elements can elevate anyone’s mood. However, the series ended with just 12 episodes and was not allowed to prosper in a proper manner. However, there are still many fans who are clamoring for the continuation of the series. So, when will the series Danchigai Season 2 get the green signal? Read on to know more.

Manga & Anime 

Danchigai is an original 4-Koma comedy manga series, written & illustrated by Kazusa Yoneda. It started publishing by Ichijinsha, on June 22nd, 2011, and collected 11 volumes and 126 chapters by September 2021.

On February 4th, 2015, the makers announced the official anime adaptation of the manga via the series official Twitter handle. The anime was directed by Hiroshi Kimura and produced by studio Creators in Pack. It had a short runtime of 3 minutes per episode and aired a total of 12 episodes and a single OVA from July 10th, 2015 to September 25th, 2015. 

Since the first season was not that long, it didn’t consume all the source material and left a lot of content for Danchigai Season 2. 

Will There Be Danchigai Season 2?

Six years have already passed by and there is no update from the creators on this series. It is nothing more than an indirect approach of creators saying that the series is dropped. Not only that but the official website of the series was also taken down, and it was quite heartbreaking for its fans.

The first season of Danchigai performed really well on the screens. It was rated 6.52 by 48k members on its MAL group and is ranked at #1602 on the popularity poll. Also, the studio has only used the first three volumes of manga, and hence they still have a total of eight volumes left to use in the sequel.

There is a possibility that creators might surprise the fans by preparing a full-fledged normal-length anime by using manga. Nyanko Days seems to be the same case as the creators teased the fans and hinted that the series will soon return with normal runtime episodes. 

So instead of Danchigai Season 2, fans will get a reboot of this series in near future. 

Plot Details

Danchigai characters

The story of Danchigai follows a boy named Haruki Nakano. His mother is overseas and he is an active-high schoolboy. Haruki lives in a shared house apartment with four sisters. These sisters have different personalities and troublesome habits that make his life a never-ending thrilling story.

Grocery shopping, watching scary movies together, and kissing practice- all these elements make this show entertaining as hell. The first season ended on the same episode as the other day in his life, but it was not a good ending for Haruki. Hence, fans are hoping for Danchigai Season 2, so that they can see his story finish with a happy ending.

Release Date

So, everything is indicating that the series might not get a second season. It’s not the first-time Creators in the Pack who have put an amazing series on hold. Ojisan to Marshmallow is also one of the most anticipated series that is waiting for a continuation. But if things go well and creators change their minds, the Danchigai might get an update by the end of 2022.

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