Taiju & Mitsuya Fight in Tokyo Revengers

Why do Taiju & Mitsuya Fight in Tokyo Revengers Black Dragon Arc?

Taiju and Mitsuya are ready for a long-awaited showdown in the ongoing season of Tokyo Revengers in the Black Dragon arc.

The bloody fight between these two characters is one of the most awaited fights and fans are excited to see it in the anime.

While being leaders of different gangs, there remains another big reason for their fight. What is this reason? Why do Mitsuya and Taiju fight? Read on to know more!

Who is Mitsuya Takashi?

Mitsuya Takashi

Takashi Mitsuya, aka Joker, is a founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Second Division Captain.

He is one of the oldest and most loyal companions of Mikey. He is quite a pacifist and has a caring personality because of his two younger sisters, Luna and Mana.

He is supporting the group from the very roots and inside, keeping everyone in check with a positive attitude. Even with brute strength, he doesn’t lose his temper easily but when he does, he doesn’t take a step back until he wins. Apart from this, his vice-captain is Hakkai Shiba!

Who is Taiju Shiba?

Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba is one of the major villains of the series and has a major impact on many futures. A ruthless crusader, Taiju became the 6th Division Captain of Second Generation Tokyo Manji after resigning as leader of Black Dragon.

His twisted mind has many sides. His evil knows no bounds and he possesses incredible strength.

Taiju is the eldest of the Shiba siblings. He has a younger brother Hakkai Shiba and a younger sister Yuzuha Shiba. He cares for his siblings, but unlike Mitsuya he is abusive to his siblings physically and verbally. He has no shred of empathy and mercy.

Why did Mitsuya and Taiju Fight?

Mitsuya Meets Taichi
Mitsuya meets Taichi to discuss Yuzuha’s Freedom

As said earlier, Taiju is the elder brother of Hakkai who is a vice-captain under Mitsuya.

When the Black Dragon arc was heading on to its climax, Mitsuya arranged a meeting with Taiju. Mitsuya realizes what Hakkai has been through and the constant abuse from his brother might have affected both Hakkai and Yuzuha in a bad way.

During the meeting, Mitsuya finds out what was holding Hakkai back and keeping him in a tough spot. When everyone thinks that Mitsuya wanted to keep Taiju away from Hakkai, Mitsuya asks Taiju to stop harming Yuzuha and Hakkai, and free Yuzuha.

To make a deal, he offered to hand Hakkai over to Black Dragons and cut all connections with Hakkai in lieu of Yuzuha’s freedom.

Taiju used Yuzuha as a money collector for his clients. Hakkai also wanted to free Yuzuha from Taiju’s clutches and he only joined Black Dragons to protect his sister.

When Taiju didn’t seem to be on board with the idea, Mitsuya offered a cease-fire treaty between Black Dragon territory and Toman territory. Taiju agreed and promised to never beat Yuzuha.

But later in the arc, Hakkai tries to kill Taiju but fails in his attempt, Yuzuha stabs Taiju from behind. Blinded in rage, Taiju then attempts to kill Yuzuha. Takemichi intervenes in this and buys some time by getting beaten by Taiju until Mitsuya arrives on the scene.

Seeing both his friend’s hurt and Taiju’s determination to kill Yuzuha, Mitsuya starts to fight Taiju. And thus, their fight began.

The fans remain anxious to see this amazing battle to be animated and we will reveal spoilers on how their fight went.

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