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Who is Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece? His 6 Satellites Explained!

“Dr. Vegapunk” is one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece that is about to be revealed!

The fandom of One Piece is always cooking up theories on every mystery of the anime and one of the biggest mysteries revolves around a scientist named Vegapunk.

With his name first mentioned in chapter 433 by Koby, he became a mystery himself. He was mentioned many times in Punk Hazard, Saboady Archipelago, Whole Cake Island, etc. Recently with the beginning of a new arc after Wano, the Egghead Island arc is now going to be centered around Vegapunk.

Vegapunk plays a big role in most of the events in every arc, and events in the world of One Piece. Without his help, the world government would never have succeeded in suppressing the new age of pirates. But while Imu, Blackbeard, or maybe Shanks is about to go against Luffy, Vegapunk already sowed the seeds of many wrongdoings in the world.

But, is Vegapunk good or evil? Is Vegapunk a friend or foe for Straw Hats? But more importantly, is Vegapunk a man or a woman?

Who is Vegapunk?

Born on Karakuri Island in the country of Baldimore, the genius of Vegapunk was far beyond his times. Even as a child, he helped his winter country in Grand line. During the time skip arc, Franky discovered that he designed a geothermal system to keep everyone warm, and made many plans for different inventions. But, due to a lack of funding and manpower, many of his dreams never came to light during his childhood days.

He has worked with Queen to form MADS He also worked with Ceasar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge to discover Lineage Factor. which helped Judge in creating an emotionless and superstrong Germa 66 and Sanji’s siblings.

But when the government found out about this discovery, they arrested Vegapunk and made him work for the government. Even during his work under the government, Vegapunk never stopped working even regardless of whether he was happy or sad. He kept doing experiments, making artificial Zoan Devil Fruits, performing experiments on Kuma, and turning him into Pacifista PX series.

As it is clear that he worked with the government to create an artificial version of Kaido’s Devil Fruit 33 years ago, he is supposed to be quite aged. For now, his recent discovery and inventions are Seraphims, who will replace seven warlords of the sea. Seraphims seem to resemble the extinct race of Lunarians. But, is this connected to Vegapunk’s real identity? 

Is Vegapunk an Old Man or a Girl?

Eiichiro Oda already made a fool out of the fans by revealing that Gomu Gomu no Mi is a Zoan type which created an uproar on the internet. Though just when the storm was settling, Oda revealed that Vegapunk is a beautiful girl instead of an old man.

But, throughout the series, it was hinted that Vegapunk was an old man. Like in the Punk Hazard arc, an old voice, said to be that of Vegapunk, seemed to reprimand Caesar for his experiment. Along with this, Judge and Queen mentioned him as a man. Along with this, G-5 marines mentioned he was an old man. But, when chapter 1060 came out, the whole fandom of One Piece blew up on the internet in surprise. A young girl facing Straw hats claimed to be Vegapunk.

But fans of One Piece aren’t that laid back. They immediately noticed “PUNK 02” on the girl’s suit, and theories started raging in. Later in chapter 1062, it was revealed that the girl who claimed to be Vegapunk, is not the “real” Vegapunk, but she is one of “them”. She is Lillith, one of the satellite bodies of Vegapunk. Although there is one real body of Vegapunk which is called “Stella”.

Vegapunk’s 6 Satellites

Vegapunk 6 Satellites

Further in chapter 1061, we came to know that Vegapunk divided six traits of his personality and created six different clones with independent personalities and duties. All six satellites identify themselves as Vegapunk, but they all have specific names and designated numbers assigned to them. All six bodies and their characters are revealed from chapter 1061 to chapter 1065, which are as below:

  • Punk–01: Shaka, the Good: Shaka is the Japanese term for Buddha, Shaka or Shakyamuni. As the name signifies, Shaka might be Vegapunk’s underlying austere and spiritual essence. She also commands Lillith(Punk 02). Being designated as #1, this body might lead the other bodies. This body might have supernatural abillty as the name suggests, like foreseeing the future.
  • Punk–02: Lilith, the Evil: Taking the name from the Biblical demon, she embodies the evil of Vegapunk. She is reckless but reasonable. She who uses her technology to loot from voyagers, pirates and other trespassers on Egghaed. She has control over the modified Seakings, which helps her in the loots. Another thing to notice in the chapter note, it is said Lillith’s voice resembles that of an old man’s voice.
  • Punk–03: Edison, the Flair: The third body is named after the famous inventor Thomas Edison. There are no further details or images revealed about the body, though there is a strange connection between the nomenclature of the satellites and Vegapunk inventions. This body might be the one in charge of all the robotic development or the invention of other things on Egghead Island and for the rest of the world.
  • Punk–04: Pythagoras, the Wisdom: Named after the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras, this body is the one behind the calculations and plans along with Edison. When it comes to Vegapunk’s work, Edison is the creator and Pythagoras is the executor.
  • Punk–05: Atlas, the Wrath: This body is named after a Greek Titan who was punished for holding the earth on his shoulder. A tall and strong girl, Atlas has access to numerous futuristic equipment and weapons. She is a talkative person and holds firm views on matters. Being described as short-tempered, she deals with her anger by taking it out on her Holograms.
  • Punk–06: York, the Desire:  This body’s task is simply to satisfy her basic human needs, like sleep, eating, etc. When she eats, the hunger of other satellites quenches too. And when she sleeps, she recovers the energy for other bodies too.

One more thing to note about these bodies is that York’s physical and mental functions are connected with others. It is suspected that other bodies might also be connected to each other and can feel each other pain also. However, each of these satellites has a particular emotional attribute that is shown in its individuality. In conclusion, these satellites are far more complex than imagined.

The Real Vegapunk

Real Vegapunk Reveal

While fans were going wild with a new waifus being revealed as Vegapunk, some fans were disappointed to not see an old man as the famous mad scientist. The revelation of satellite bodies created a bit of confusion later. But fans then became eager to see the real body of Vegapunk.

When Vegapunk’s real face was revealed in chapter 1066, the internet went into an uproar again. The real Vegapunk was also revealed at two different points of times. The first version of the real Vegapunk is revealed in a 20-year-old flashback when he went to Ohara. The second version is in the present time. But both versions are goofy and superfluous at their best.

Both versions resemble the great scientist Einstien and both versions have his tongue hanging out all the time. Vegapunk in flashback has a head even larger than his body. For the present-day version of Vegapunk, Oda took inspiration from Newton’s apple and replaced Vegapunk’s giant head with half an apple over the skull.

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