Oshi No Ko Anime adaptation

Oshi No Ko Anime Adaptation & 90-Minute Pilot Episode Confirmed

The anime adaptation of famous manga series Oshi No Ko is confirmed by Kadokawa Production.

Kadokawa Production launched an official website for the upcoming anime series earlier this year. It is now revealed via a press release that a special 90-minute special pilot episode will premiere in 2023. Although a confirmed date for the pilot episode is not announced.

A key visual is also shared for the fans along with the information that Rie Takahashi is cast as the leading character Ai Hoshino in the anime adaption of Oshi No Ko. The crew of the anime series is as follows.

  • Director – Daisuke Haramaki
  • Assistant Director – Saori Tachibana
  • Series Composition – Jin Tanaka
  • Character design – Kanna Hiramiya

Oshi No Ko is an original manga written by Aka Akasaka, and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. Both of their previous works got anime adaptations, and this is their first work together for manga and anime. Akasaka is famous for his manga Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, while Yokoyari is famous for his prior work on Kuzu No Honkai.

Oshi No Ko story follows Ai and her two children Aqua and Ruby born in the shade of the glamorous entertainment world. With her sudden pregnancy, she has to disappear to lay low. During this time, she meets Goro Amemiya, her huge fan, who promises that he will help her to give birth to her children.

However, Goro dies suddenly and is reborn as one of Ai’s twins. With this new life, he finds many mysteries surrounding Ai, him and his twin Ruby. Slowly, he engulfs into the darkness to reveal every secret of the gilded curtains.

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