Luck & Logic Season 2: Will Anime Series Once Again?

Anime is more business than passion in the real world of animators. Shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!!, Bakugan, & Cardcaptor Sakura are mainly for promoting the merchandise of the franchise.

If the fans like the series then, of course, they’ll make a fortune out of it & to keep making the money, continuations are a must. The anime titled Luck & Logic also falls in the same category. Despite being a great anime, fans didn’t give much attention to the story because of the monotonous settings of card animes. However, it was still well-received by the fans and critics, and those who open-heartedly tried the series.

Now the fans of this show are looking for Luck & Logic Season 2. They are desperately waiting to go on a new ride, So when will the sequel come out? Keep on reading to know.

Anime & Manga

Luck & Logic is a media franchise created by Bushiroad with five other companies: Bandai Visual, Doga Kobo, Nitroplus, Lantis, and Yuhodo. It consists of a trading card game and an anime television series by Doga Kobo, with the first products released on February 28, 2016.

The anime was directed by Koichi Chigira & Takashi Naoya and written by Yuuya Takahashi. It aired 12 episodes from January 9th, 2016 to March 26th, 2016.

Later, a spinoff anime titled Hina Logi: Luck & Logic also hit the screens which were directed by Hiroaki Akagi & written by Yukie Sugawara. It also ran for 12 episodes from July 1, 2017, to September 23, 2017.

There is also a manga adaptation named Luck & Logic Paradox Twin which has 3 volumes & 18 chapters, written by Sasaki Mitsuhiro & illustrated by Ayasugi Tsubaki. It was published by Bushiroad, starting from December 8th, 2015 till April 8th, 2017.

Will There Be Luck & Logic Season 2?  

As goes for many card games based anime, Luck & Logic was also made to promote the card game and other merchandise of the media franchise. However, the series didn’t help much with the sales. Many franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh!!, & Vanguard has taken things to international markets but Luck & Logic struggled a bit to get out of Japan.

After some time, the series had some new upgrades and style. However, the fate was still the same, and it was neglected by the active watchers. The spin-off was very different and targeted collector otakus worldwide but didn’t do much on normal viewers. The original anime-only managed to score 6.07 by 39k members on its MAL group & is ranked at #1675 on the popularity poll.

To be honest, the arrival of Luck & Logic Season 2 is quite difficult as the debut season failed to perform and didn’t even help in the sales of the merchandise. 

Plot Details


The story of Luck & Logic follows Yoshichika Tsurugi who lost the ability to use Logic in battle. He was a Logical who uses the power of “Logic” and uses Logic Cards to help them to harness the power to eradicate the aliens aka Foreigners who cross dimensions to mess up with the world’s original Logic. But one day, his life changes when he finds a Logic card on the seashore and meets Athena, a Foreigner goddess from the world of Tetra-Heaven. 

Athena helps Tsurugi to regain his powers and fight once again. He joins hands with ALCA, an organization that manages Logicalists & threats over the world. With a new team, Tsurugi again sets out to end things once for all.

The series ended like every fan wanted. The war was over and Tsuragi got his memory back. However, it was said that new logic cards will scatter again. That could probably mean that the whole new story will begin right from scratch with new villains and characters.

Release Date 

For now, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for Luck & Logic Season 2. Studio Doga Cabo has already filled its schedule till fall 2022. However, if Bushiroad wants they can reopen the media franchise with a sequel with a new studio anytime without any hitch.

Also, the Card genre is struggling in the digital era of a choosy fandom. But, if Bushiroad still decides to move forward with the series, then they might give an update on it by the end of this year. 

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