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Divine Gate Season 2: Will Series Ever Return for Next Season?

Fantasy fans love orthodox settings getting some new upgrades with new settings. Divine Gate anime is popular among fans for the same reason. This anime puts a simple plot into a whole story. But still, maintaining popularity in the anime world isn’t that easy. Just like other shows, this one also received its fair share of criticism. But still, this series had many fans who were still willing to give anything for the series to return. There are many rumors that the series is on the verge of cancellation, but it’s yet to be confirmed. So will the Divine Gate return for Season 2? Keep on reading to know more.

Game & Anime

Divine Gate was originally an RPG mobile game that was developed for IOS and Android created by GungHo & Acquire. It was published by GungHo Online Entertainment on September 30, 2013. Since the game was fairly popular, an anime adaptation was also announced by Studio Pierrot. The series was directed by Noriyuki Abe & written by Natsuko Takahashi and released 12 episodes from January 8, 2016, to March 25, 2016.

Will There Be Divine Gate Season 2?

As for the anime, the series was not able to stand on the expectation of the creators and fans. 

The series got a poor score of 5.56 by 61k members in its MAL group and got a rank of #10184. The series was harshly criticized for its fast pacing and indigent writing. It didn’t get any adaptation for its content, though it has a spin-off Novel by Sasaki Sadako, it was also a disappointment. The series came out to be a blunder for the creators, and even the game was discontinued in 2018. Therefore, when we put together all the pieces, it seems like Divine Gate Season 2 will not be renewed by the officials. 

Divine Gate: Plot Details

The story of this anime follows a boy named Aoto. He is a teenager who has outstanding water abilities and a tragic past due to which he had rejected the academy’s invitation many times. One day Midori, Akane, who are students at the academy, meets Aoto and convince him to join the academy. They attempt to find the Gate with the help of the World Council and its mysterious leader Arthur in the hopes of learning the truth. The Divine Gate mythology is a children’s story that depicts the union of the living world, the heavens, and the underworld. The World Council is an organization that controls the chaos of the Gate by portraying its legend as nothing more than a myth.

The series ended just as many expected with no thrill and suspense left for the viewers. Since there isn’t any content left for the next season, nor any spin-off source material. Therefore, if Divine Gate Season 2 takes place, then it will continue right from scratch, possibly with new characters and stories.

Divine Gate Season 2: Release Date

Pierrot won’t take its chances with this series as the studio already provided it with a conclusive ending. Moreover, the poor reception will make them think several times before renewing the show. The studio already has some prominent series like Boruto: Naruto‚Äôs Next Generation & Black Clover and an upcoming Black Clover movie. So, Pierrot isn’t going to produce any series for a while, let aside Divine Gate. Not only this but the series will now be continued as an original anime production that increases the risk even more. If any announcement related to the Divine Gate Season 2 is about to happen, it should’ve been made till 2023, & if not, this series will probably be as good as canceled ones.

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