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Who is Deku’s Love Interest? Who will Midoriya End up with?

Being the lead character for My Hero Academia, there remains a lot of curiosity over Deku or Izuku Midoriya’s love interest in the series.

While most Shonen animes include a pinch of other sub-genres such as romance to keep the fans engages. However, MHA has on made much development in that department. However, fans have kept themselves satisfied with fantasies about the ships(couples) they like.

The two most famous MHA ships are Izuku Midoriya x Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya x Itsuki Bakugo. Fans are often going on and off in a verbal war for their favorite ship, but who is actual love interest or canon relationship of Deku? Who will Izuku Midoriya end up with eventually in My Hero Academia?

Author on Deku’s Romance 

In an interview, creator Kohei Horikoshi stated that he has no plans for the two characters to have a romantic relationship for now. He stated that he wishes to concentrate on the characters’ development as heroes. Their development as Heroes remains the main focus along with their relationships with their classmates and mentors.

Horikoshi also confirmed on Twitter that Deku is straight, which upset many Fujoshi shippers. But later, he posted a sketch of Deku in a bunny suit to make the LGBTQ+ fans content with their own fantasies. However, this move resulted in Deku’s romance becoming a mystery once again.

Deku & Ochaco’s Relationship

Deku & Ochako

The ship between Deku and Ochaco has a green flag from one side. It’s confirmed in My Hero Academia manga and anime that Ochaco has a crush on Deku. Ochaco’s screen time mostly focuses on Deku and her feelings for him. Many characters know about Ochaco’s feelings towards Deki.

Ochaco seemed protective against Toga when she confessed her love for Midoriya. She attempts to help Deku to make him notice her. Deku also notices her affection toward him.

There are many times Deku becomes flustered when he talks with Ochaco, unlike other female or male characters. Even when he talks to her on phone, he blushes. So, this is most likely the canon ship and Deku will probably end up with Ochaco.

Deku & Bakugo’s Relationship

Deku & Bakugo

The relationship between the characters Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia is portrayed as complex and dynamic. Initially rivals, with Bakugo regularly bullying and belittling Deku, they grow to understand and respect each other over time.

The series has not hinted at any romantic feelings between these two characters. There is more focus on their development as heroes and their friendship. Furthermore, their relationship is more akin to rivals, friends, and allies.

There isn’t an ounce of romantic feeling in Bakugo, and he might be asexual for the time being. He only likes to fight and focuses on becoming stronger.

As romance is not the focus of this series yet, Deku x Ochaco might still have some time left in the series for the build-up for their ships. However, it will be on the author’s discretion on how he decides to conclude the journey of these characters.

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