Endride Season 2: What’s the Possibility of Series Returning?

Isekai, fantasy, and a mix of revenge, who doesn’t want to watch a series like this? But there are many stories like this, and hence creators need to pick a good story as fans are very choosy when it comes to a good seasonal anime.

Endride is also one of those shows which were ignored by fans compared to the powerful lineup of 2016. However, the series was pretty decent and quite entertaining as well.

The series did get a mixed response, but it was considered a good watch. So, if it returns with good content it might be able to gather interest among the fans. But, when will Endride return with season 2? 

About The Series

Endride is a multimedia project that has an isekai fantasy anime of the same name as well. It was produced by studio Brain’s Base & co-produced by Lupin Track. The series was directed by Keiji Gotoh & written by Touka Machida. It premiered on April 3rd, 2016, and ran for  24 episodes, till September 24th, 2016. The series also received a game adaptation for IOS & Android that launched on November 24th, 2016.

Will There Be Endride Season 2?

For the next season of the original series, a few things are really important. First is the unfinished or unsatisfying end of the previous series. But unfortunately, Endride’s first season had a conclusive ending. Also, characters and anime popularity wasn’t good enough for a spin-off series also.. Not only that but it has a poor rating of 5.61 on MyAnimeList. Lastly, further adaptations of the series were also not undertaken by any creators.

Hence, all of this sums up that the series is not worthwhile for a sequel. The producers won’t invest in it again because it will likely not generate enough profit for them. So, there is very little possibility for Endride to return for the second season.

Plot Details


The story of Endride follows Shun Asanaga, who is a teenager with a passion for life. His father is a brilliant scientist and keeps a mysterious stone securely in his office. 

Shun always knew about the stone and wondered about it. One day, when he touched the stone he was taken to the magical kingdom of Endra. Shun ended up in the prison cell of Emilio, the prince of the kingdom. Emilio was sent to prison as he tried to assassinate the ruling king.

After listening to each other’s stories, both decide to help each other out and break out of the prison. The series ended on a good note where Emilio takes his revenge and Shun returns back to his original world. However, the magical stone was destroyed in the aftermath.

The destruction of stone is a big obstacle in the plot for season 2. Although, the story for season 2 can continue from its game. In the game, the story takes place 3 years after the incident and many characters return back for a new challenge & danger upon both worlds.

Endride Season 2: Release Date

Five years have passed, and there are still no updates on this show. Moreover, the official Twitter handle got inactive after the release of the game and the official site was also taken down. This all leads to the conclusion that Endride Season 2 is more or less canceled without any official announcement. So, the fans who are wishing for another installment will have to wait for a miracle in order to see it on the screens. 

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