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Will Kaido and Big Mom Return in One Piece?

One Piece Wano arc has ended with two of the major antagonists, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, and Kakdo, being defeated by Strawhats and other crews. In chapter 1050, Kaida was drilled deep in the mountain of Wano’s and Big Mom was thrown into the lava pool by Luffy, Law, and Eustass Kid.

Both of them are Yonko for a reason. While the marines made 18 unsuccessful attempts to kill Kaido, Linlin also survived the strongest of Luffy’s attacks in the Whole Cake Island arc. So, it can be assumed that a little heat of Lava won’t do much harm to them.

So, it begs a question of whether Kaido and Big Mom are really dead or not? Will they return to the series in future? And what is the significance of their deaths? Check below for more details.

Are Kaido & Big Mom Really Dead?

In chapter 1064, Charlotte Puddings, who was captured by Kuzan and locked in Blackbeard’s ship, warned them about her mother’s wrath. But, the Blackbeard crew told her that Big Mom and Kaido are dead.

However, both of their deaths are not officially confirmed. Scratchman Appo leaked the news of the death of two Yonkos to Morgan. But, their dead bodies were never found. So, how can we conclude that they are dead?

First of all, Eichira Oda (the manga writer) doesn’t do reincarnations. If he wants to bring a character back, he never kills them really in the first place. For example, the deaths of Pell in Alabasta arc and Jaguar D. Saul in Water 7 were shown a fluke for others and later, they were confirmed to be alive. Here, it’s about Yonko, who didn’t even die after falling into the sea and from Skypiea which is over 10000 meters above.

Next, Luffy never kills an opponent as it goes against his code which is that he does not kill anyone, and just break their fighting spirit.

Also, no major villain was killed in the series so far. Either they were captured or they were kept away from the main focus of the story. So, it would make more sense if they weren’t dead. After all, they have survived God’s Valley incident and old age, unlike White Beard who grew weaker.

Also, Big Mom has worn Prometheus, a small sun itself like a gauntlet on her hand with no effect of heat on her or whatsoever. That being said some Lava isn’t going to do much harm to both of them. Their Armament Haki is considered one of the strongest to exist and can be really durable in such situations.

Secondly, another submerged land under Wano (the ancient Wano) was also mentioned in the series. There is a possibility that they took shelter to fend for themselves for while. Though Kaido was the one who went against Luffy, Big Mom also took major damage from the final fight in Wano against Kid and Law.

But, one of the major proof of her being alive is Zeus living under Nami’s Clima Tact which was made from the spirit of Big Mom. If she dies, her Devil Fruit powers effect and spirit should’ve been gone from the world like any other Paramecia. However, Zeus is still alive and kicking.

Her Homies saved Big mom from the sea previously, which is a confirmed death scenario of Devil Fruit users. So, it won’t be a surprise if they had also saved her from the Lava in the nick of time.

What will Happen if Kaido and Big Mom have Died?

While there remains a huge possibility that Kaido and Big Mom are still alive, their deaths could have major ramifications on the pirate world. 

The underworld will fall into chaos without their absence. With three Yonkos gone world would become a playing ground for criminals.

Doflamigo aka Joker was the one who was keeping the underworld in check and Kaido was using him to remain at the top. Without them, the pirates will start sabotaging their territories and people who were under their rule before.

Although Beast Pirates have lost a lot of manpower, the Big Mom pirates have still a lot more to exploit, however. Katakuri, Smoothie, Perospero, Oven, and many others are still notorious and strong Pirates who were still going strong and defeated Germa 66 as shown in manga covers. There will be no end for Big Mom pirates now.

Katakuri is supposed to lead the crew and for him family matters more than anything. And while there may be a lot of bounty on their head, Katakuri will protect their land, people, and his family.

Although the biggest problem that will arise because of their death will be their Devil Fruits. With so many broke and overpowered abilities, the new users of these Devil Fruits are bound to become great figures in the story. But this is not necessary as both of their Devil Fruits were awakened in the manga, and if they die, it will take time for new users to awaken their power completely.

What will Happen if Big Mom and Kaido Return Now?

After both of these Yonko’s death, the Marines put their plan into motion. They attacked the biggest and most dangerous crews in the world, which were previously under the protection of the World Government.

There is a power imbalance in The Shichibukai aka 7 Warlords of the Sea because of the current situation. Buggy, Crocodile and Mihawk made a treaty while others were on the run. If Big Mom and Kaido are still alive, the imbalance of power between pirates and marines will cease.

Every villain that has returned in the story so far has become more powerful. Rob Lucci, for example, has shown to have awakened his Devil Fruit in recent chapters.

Big Mom will certainly take revenge on Strawhats and other crews. But as for Kaido, his spirits seemed broken after his final fight and it remains to be seen with which side he will take.

Kaido has a big ego and returning to battle underhanded won’t be something he would do. Moreover, there isn’t much backstory given to Kaido until now. Even in his own arc, Kaido’s individual past was not shown. This could be due to a reason.

Kaido’s past could have some secret related to the Lunarian race or King, and with that Oda(manga writer) could make the story more interesting by saving this revelation for a better time.

After their return, Big Mom and Kaido’s target will certainly be Straw Hats. They are the biggest dangers posed to them. But before that, Big Mom will certainly try to rescue her daughter Charlotte Pudding. Pudding is her only hope for One Piece but now that hope is in the hands of Black Beard. Also, to rescue Pudding from Black Beard and Luffy, Kaido and Big Mom might have to work together again.

Finally, both their return and revenge could be like the God’s Valley incident- a war that was said to be the most brutal but epic war in One piece.

Whatever happens, whether Kadio and Big Mom return or not, exciting times wait for One Piece fans ahead.

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