Yurikuma Arashi Season 2: Will the Anime return after 7 Years?

Yuri or girls’ love anime always comes up with some interesting storyline. However, not every single anime of this genre manages to get fans’ approval. It is very rare for a Yuri anime to get appreciation from the viewers as well as good ratings. One such show is Yurikuma Arashi. It featured a journey to attain true love’s “promised kiss” which impressed its viewers. 

The anime debuted back in 2015 and ran for a total of twelve episodes. Its premiere episode came out on January 6 whereas the season finale aired on March 31 of the same year. It is a remake of the yuri manga series of the same name by Akiko Morishima and Gentosha. 

Yurikuma Arashi managed to gain a huge fan base throughout its run. These fans are quite loyal to the series, and they are continuously looking for updates on Yurikuma Arashi Season 2. So, will the anime ever return for another season? Read below to know the answer. 

Manga & Anime

In August 2012, the makers announced the Yurikuma Arashi anime series via a website. Silver Link backed up the show which was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. During the time of the announcement, the project was referred to as the “Kunihiko Ikuhara/Penguinbear Project.”

Yurikuma Arashi further received a manga adaptation as well under the title “Yuri Bear Storm.” It was a reference to Akira Yoshimura’s “Sankebetsu brown bear incident” serialization. The manga was serialized from February 2014 to April 2016. A total of three volumes were published over two years period. 

The anime didn’t follow the events of the manga as the anime was announced way before the serialization of the manga. There was already a hype around the anime, and then the development of the manga also contributed to the popularity of the series. Despite all this, more than seven years have passed and the sequel of this show is yet to hit the screens. 

Will There Be Yurikuma Arashi Season 2? 

Good ratings and positive reviews from the fans and the critics alike made everyone believe that Yurikuma Arashi Season 2 would take place soon after the conclusion of the first one. However, it didn’t happen. The anime has a decent score of 7.05 on MyAnimeList, and it has more than 94K members in its group. The show is quite popular too and is ranked at #1816 in popularity on the same platform. 

The sci-fi and fantasy elements of the anime were praised by everyone. Not only this but the show was also applauded for this clean animation. However, the debut season of the series ended without any open ends. The season finale closed doors for any possible storylines by featuring a conclusive ending. 

But, the fans of this yuri anime are still demanding a sequel. As we mentioned above, it has been seven years, but the loyal fanbase of Yurikuma Arashi is still hopeful about the second season. But, to be very honest, the chances for Yurikuma Arashi Season 2 are very less now. Plus, the makers certainly don’t want to ruin the satisfying ending of the first season. If the second season of the anime ever comes out, then it will likely feature an entirely new storyline with some new characters. 

Plot Details

The story of Yurikuma Arashi took place in a world where humanoid bears used to coexist with humans. However, soon a meteor shower happened and it severely affected the bears. Soon, they grew violent and became hungry and desperate for the flesh of the humans. Both humans and bears began to kill each other, and hence a “Wall of Severance” was built in order to separate these two civilizations. 

Kureha Tsubaki attends Arashigaoka academy is in love with another student Sumika Izumino. Kureha has a strong hatred toward bears as her mother was eaten by one. Soon, two bears sneaked through the walls and disguised themselves as humans to infiltrate the Arashogaoka academy. After finding the reality, the two girls’ relationship came into grave danger. The girls had to pass the trial of love in order to attain the true love’s promised kiss. 

Yurikuma Arashi Season 2 Release Date

At present, it is impossible to predict the release date of the sequel of this yuri anime as the makers haven’t provided any update for the last seven years. However, Studio Link decides to resurrect the project and if it happens by the end of this year, then the fans can expect Yurikuma Arashi Season 2 to hit the screens sometime in 2024. 

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