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Who are The Four Gods in One Piece, Devil Fruits & Their Users?

The Wano Arc of One Piece anime is ongoing and the fans can’t wait to see Luffy’s Gear 5, and the revelation of Sun God Nika.

In the recent anime episode 1040, Who’s-Who talked about the Sun God while fighting Jimbe. The crest of Sun Pirate on Jimbe reminded him of the Sun God Nika whom he heard when he was imprisoned by the World Government.

But, Jimbe didn’t have the faintest idea what was Who’s-Who talking about. Now, the internet is blowing up waiting for Luffy to awaken his Devil Fruit. With excitement to see Luffy’s Godmode, fans are now wondering if there is a God’s Devil Fruit, then there must be other Devil Fruits too.

The World Government hid the Hito-Hito no Mi model Nika under the name of Gum-Gum no Mi. Then, does the Government hide the other fruits too? Who are the other Gods and their Devil Fruits? Do they have their Users?

Four Gods in One Piece

During the Skypiea Arc, the Straw Hats come across the native of Skypiea-Jaya Island who narrated them the Story of Noland.

In the manga chapter 287, the old Jaya Island was stricken with plague and the tribe thought this was the curse of the Gods. They decide to offer a human sacrifice on a special altar. The ritual was supposed to offer a young girl to a monster called God Kishi. But Noland interrupted and killed Kishi. During the ritual the tribe offers the young girl to 4 Gods, named:

  1. God of Sun
  2. God of Rain
  3. God of the Forest
  4. God of the Land

These four are the mythical Gods in One Piece. Only Sun God’s name has been revealed as Nika while others are yet to be revealed. The fear of them in the World Government, they are the real deal, unlike God Enel.

What are Devil Fruits in One Piece?

Devil Fruits are special fruits that grant the consumer a unique ability or power. However, the consumer also loses the ability to swim and becomes vulnerable to sea water. These powers can range from the ability to control fire, turn into a specific animal, and manipulate time and space. The consumption of Devil Fruit is considered a curse by many characters in the series, as it makes the consumer both powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

There are three different types of Devil Fruits:

  1. Logia: The type of Devil Fruit which allows the user to manipulate his body’s physical attributes. The user can shapeshift, and even turn his/her body into different matter according to their fruit. Any normal person without haki can’t do any physical damage to a Logia User.
  2. Paramecia: This type of Devil Fruit enables users to attain abnormal abilities. Paramecia can change the body structure but its body composition won’t change to a different matter.
  3. Zoan: The Zoan Devil Fruit gives its user the powers and physical attributes of an animal. The Zoan fruits have three different types:
    • Normal: The Normal Zoan user can have the ability of any animal that exists in nature.
    • Mythical: The Mythical Zoan user can have abilities of beings of myths or legends, along with this Zoan Devil fruit user powers will have properties of either Paramecia or Logia fruit too.
    • Artificial: The Zoan Devil Fruits created by humans ( Caesar Clown and Vegapunk ) are Artificial Devil fruits or Smile, Smile alters the eater’s physical structure and makes them a human-animal hybrid.

All God’s Devil Fruits are Mythical Zoan. But, there is a slightly interesting theory that suggests the real God Devil Fruits are Mythical Zoan who also exhibit the characteristics of other fruits too. But, while they seem like any other Paramecia, God’s Devil Fruits is actually a Mythical Zoan.

The names of these fruits comes from the element they are taken from. For example, for over 1000 chapters and episodes, Luffy used his powers as Paramecia, while Zoan needed half or full morphing to use its power, Luffy did it without any of that.

Luffy Fruit is of Sun God. Hearing the Sun, the first thing that will come to mind is Fire. But, there is no fire in any of his forms. Rather, his Fruit grants him liberation of imagination. Whatever he could imagine with his body, he can manipulate it as rubber, and as awakened Paramecia, he can manipulate the environment too.

Similarly, the other Gods’ Fruit might not have the power of Rain, Land, or Forest, but their power might be related to what they represent. In Japan, the Sun is the highest symbol, that’s why it’s the idea of their national flag throughout centuries.

Rain symbolizes the cycle of birth and death and also cleansing. It can be Paramecia.

For Forest, it symbolizes spirituality. So, it can exhibit Logia’s powers. 

For Land, it’s a bit tricky. The deities are what represent their land, which means the representation of land is the symbolism of God itself. That ideal fruit exhibits Zoan-type characteristics.

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