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What is Florian Triangle? Mysteries Around One Piece’s Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Florian Triangle is one of the most interesting things regarding the One Piece anime series.

There is literally no anime fan in the world who hasn’t come across the One Piece anime series. The show is renowned as peak fiction and is considered as one of the best anime ever made. The journey of One Piece may seem like it does not end anytime soon. Despite the story this long, the series never bored anyone due to its mysteries and twists.

Florian Triangle aka Devil’s Triangle is one of those mysteries that has kept fans interested in the series. The mangaka was inspired by the Bermuda Triangle and came up with an idea of this name.

So what is this Florian Triangle and what are the mysteries behind it? Keep on reading to know everything about this mysterious stretch of sea. 

What is the Florian Triangle?

Florian Triangle is a treacherous path of the sea between Water-7 island and Fish-man island. Several ships have been lost in this area due to the vicious weather and sea currents in this area. However, it is just a hideout for the evil warlord Gecko Moria, who used the Legend of Florian Triangle to justify ravaging and destroying ships.

Florian Triangle first appeared in Chapter 442 & Episode 337 of the One Piece series. A pirate who wants to cross the Red-line & reach the New World to find the One Piece must pass through this stretch of sea. When the Straw Hats crew passed through this place, heavy mist, bad weather and sea currents turned the climate quite cold & stormy. 

The environment made it a perfect hideout for Gecko Moria’s ship Thriller Bark, which is almost as big as the whole island. Gecko Moria used the seclusion of the Florian Triangle to attack and destroy ships and collect shadows for his zombie army & research. Moria then used cover the cases of lost ships under the rumors of the Legend of Florian Triangle.

Florian Triangle is also the place where Brook, one of the most-loved crew members, joined the party.

Florian Triangle: Mysteries and Answers

There are several mysteries that revolve around the Florian Triangle. So, let’s have a look at these mysteries and their answers one by one.

1: Why is the climate so weird in the Florian Triangle?

The climate around Florian Triangle is most peculiar in One Piece. Some fans might think that New World or Grand Line has the worst climate, but it is not worse than that of Florian.

The reason is most of the weird climates in the New World & Grand Line were either only weather-wise or only Hydrospheric. For Example, the Sakura Kingdom in the Grand-line has snowfall all year long & Jaya’s knock-up stream took Straw-Hats to Skypiea.

The currents around Fishmen Island and Water 7 are very dangerous, and not only that but Skypiea is also present nearby. The place has the presence of thick fog as well, and this fog reduces the visibility by a huge margin. Neither the anime nor the manga has provided any reasoning for this weird climate. 

2: Why do ships go missing around here?

Even before Moria, this sea was formidable for pirates and sailors. He came to Florian Triangle 12 years before Straw Hats faced him. The legend of Florian goes before his times, though the reason that most of the ships are either destroyed or are drifted away with ghosted crew members, were Gueirilla pirates who use these fogs as advantages to loot other ships. The weather is also merciless around here. Therefore, the chances of survival for any pirate or his ship are very low here. 

3: What were the entities that were shown in the Florian Triangle?

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The biggest mystery of the Florian Triangle is the humongous beings who appeared at this stretch of sea. 

As all fans know, anything is possible in the world of One Piece. They were the biggest creature ever seen in One Piece after Zunisha (Millennial Old Elephant) who walked around the ocean with its total height of 3500 meters.

The Thriller Bark island is just like a cupcake in front of it, so who and what are these creatures? 

Well, as far as Oda has told through manga, there is no info about them. Although there are some dots that take us to a possible answer.

At the beginning of the Thriller Bark arc, Nami mentions the offering ritual pirates do for a safe journey, giving offerings in a barrel to sea gods. The crew found the same barrel but it was Moria’s trap.

The same ritual is found in Japanese legends in which a huge sea monster, named Umibozu, is mentioned. The being is humongous and can break ships like toothpicks. Though Umibozu is a singular being while there are three of these colossal monsters. The explanation behind this could be that they are an extinct race from a long time ago.

It could be & it would be stunning if they are the reasons for all misfortunes from around the Void century which can reveal so much. 

The only one who knows the answers behind these monsters is none other than Eiichiro Oda himself. There is a possibility that the Straw Hats might visit this place again sometime in near future, and then Oda will reveal everything about those giants. 

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