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Top 10 Must-Watch Comedy Anime Series, Funniest Anime Series

Comedy Tropes have to be the most versatile genre in anime. It is a sub-trope for almost every great anime and to stand out in just comedy is a difficult job. Although those who overcome this barrier have made a special place for every anime fan.

There are so many good comedy anime that making a single list of all of them is nearly impossible. However, there are only a few that make their fans laugh every episode. Here is the list of top 10 best comedy-focused animes series.

10. Yondemasu Azazel San

Yondemasu Azazel San POSTER

Yondemasu Azazel San is a gag comedy anime that has a mythological twist. 

The story is about a private investigator Akutabe and his assistant whom he tricked into making a contract with the demon Azazel of Lust and other demons.

With no fear of them whatsoever Akutabe harasses them to the very limits of insanity. Although whenever demons fight back fate worse than death awaits. With the help of these demons, he solves cases and earns money.

The weirder the plot sounds the funnier the actual anime is. The series is an underrated anime with a good rating of 7.52 but 1685th rank in MAL.

9. Oresuki


Ore wa Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka Yo or Oresuki is a romcom harem anime. It’s a great harem comedy without much drama and keeps fans entertained with every episode.

The series follows a young boy named Amatsuyu Kisragi aka Joro. Two girls – his childhood friend and a senior confess to him that they like his best friend Taiyо̄ “Sun-chan” Ōga, and wanted him to help in their love matters. He has a plan in mind for him to end up with the rejected one. Though everything starts to go wrong when a girl who really loves Joro shows up.

Oresuki has a single season of 12 episodes and a follow-up OVA. The series has a rating of 7.32 and has the 473rd spot in popularity in MAL.

8. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase POSTER

Asobi Asobase is a slice-of-life gag anime. The series is about three bored high school girls whom fate brings together.

These girls are – a rich and spoiled girl, a foreign exchange but stupid student, and a surprisingly bold and perverted introvert girl. They want to play games and have fun together but always are short on ideas. They also don’t want to get caught slacking off by the teachers and thus a hide-seek with many games between begins.

Every episode comes with new games and the hilarious antics of these girls. Their trio is odd but they try their best to not let that ruin their fun.

Asobi Asobase has only one season with 12 episodes and a nice rating of 8.19 and 351st rank on MAL.

7. Prison School

Prison School POSTER

Prison School is Seinen Comedy. It may seem like a high school comedy but it’s just the opposite of the trope.

Prison School follows 4 guys admitted to an all-girls school that was just made Co-ed. But, the student council doesn’t want to welcome men in their perfect world. They see them as sex-crazed pervert animals and wait for the chance for the guys to show their true nature. The girls are ready to isolate them in a heartbeat. And Guys get caught peeking in the first episode.

Prison School is full of hilarious fights for equality between guys and the student council. It has a rating of 7.6 and is ranked 150th in popularity in MAL.

6. Nichijou

Nichijou POSTER

Nichijou is a gag anime focusing on high school girls. The plot isn’t much different from Daily Life of High School Boys except it’s on par in comedy with the anime.

The anime is famous for its unexpected comedy timing and hilarious gags. The series has a lot of different characters making it a interesting show and fans can binge it without getting bored. The series is all about girls and their antics with a pinch of a little sci-fi and fiction.

Nichijou series has only one season and 26 episodes. It has a rating of 8.46 and 183 rank popularity in MAL.

5. The Daily Life of High School Boys 

The Daily Life of High School Boys POSTER

Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou or Daily Life of High School Boys is a slice-of-life anime. 

The anime follows high school boys in all-boys schools and their daily boring life. Although this anime has proven that when boys are together it could never be boring.

From romantic life to personal life young guys face all sorts of dilemmas yet make it more fun every time. The series has lots of nostalgia and specks of the life of men’s childhood and their all-time childish mind.

The series has only a season with 12 episodes, and also a good rating of 8.24 along with the 210th spot in popularity in MAL.

4. Grand Blue

Grand Blue is a slice-of-life sports anime with diving in focus. The story is about a fresher going to enjoy his college at his uncle’s place. Except, he was forcefully taken into the Ocean Diver club of the college.

On his first day waking up in front of his college in his underwear after getting passed out from alcohol, his perfect college meets its end in less than 24 hours.

Grand Blue takes fans on a hilarious journey of this club with comedy at its finest. Grand Blue also focuses on the joy of ocean diving with beautiful animation.

The Grand Blue has only one season so far with 24 episodes. The series has a rating of 8.43 and is in the 244th spot in popularity on MAL.

3. Kaguya Sama: Love is War 

Kaguya Sama Love is War  POSTER

Kaguya Sama wa Kokuraetai: Tensai Tachi no Renai Zonousen or Kaguya Sama: Love is War is a romantic comedy anime known by almost every anime fan in the world.

The series follows Kaguya Shinomiya and Shirogane Miyuki who are part of the Studen council of prestige school; Shuchin Academy. Both of them love each other but their ego won’t let them confess. But their love makes them force each other to confess.

With more entertaining side couples and characters in the story, the anime is the perfection of love comedy.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War series has 3 seasons and a total of 35 episodes, a movie, two ONA, and an OVA. The three seasons have an average rating of 8.7 in MAL and its recent season took the spot of top 5th anime in MAL.

It’s manga series ended last year on November 2 and the fans are currently awaiting season 4 to be announced soon.

2. Konosuba 


Konosuba is an Isekai-fantasy anime. Most of Isekai follows killing the Demon King and helping the kingdom and Konosuba also has the same plot.

The series follows Kazuma Satou a pervert teenage guy who steals underwear as a hobby, a demon girl who explodes everything although she can do it only once a day, a masochist knight; an annoying drunkard and a troublesome Goddess. With a party like this, the kingdom they need to save is doomed.

Konosuba has a high-tier comedy that catches fans off-guard many times in anime. Konosuba has only two seasons with a total of 20 episodes, 2 OVAs, and a movie. The series has an average rating of 8.14 on MAL along with taking the 39th spot in the most popular anime list.

1. Gintama 

Gintama  POSTER

Gintama is a parody anime that has trolled almost every great anime in existence. The series is a sci-fi set in the Edo period of Japan.

Aliens, Ghost, Monsters, Yokais, Supernatural, Ninja, Samurai, Soul Reaper anything you say, Gintama has it all! The story revolves around Ronin working at an odd job with a super-strong alien girl and an idol otaku.

The series has a total of 367 episodes with three movies and 6 seasons. The first season of the anime has a rating of 9.04, while the final season ended with 9.05, without any argument Gintama is an all-anime classic and the best comedy anime in the world.

Not only this, the anime has two of its seasons in the top 10 anime of all time in MAL.

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