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Stars Align Season 2: Latest Updates from Director, Plot Details

Stars Align or Hoshi Ai no Sora is one of those anime that ended without any proper conclusion and left fans unsatisfied. This beautiful story of remarkable animation, emotional moments, & intense drama touched the hearts of many. But unfortunately, this story ended before its time. Stars Align is an original anime series directed by Kazuki Akane & Yuuichi Takahashi. Its story was written by Kazuki Akane, while the series was produced by Studio 8 bits. The series ran for 12 episodes from October 10th to December 26th, 2019. From time to time, fans of this show look for any update regarding the continuation of the series. So, are there any updates, and will the series return? Here is everything you need to know.

Will There be Stars Align Season 2? 

Hoshi Ai no Sora was an exceptional anime for many fans, but the finale of the series came with an unpleasant surprise. After the first season finale, Akane revealed that the series was originally planned to be 24 episodes long. However, the producers decided to cut off its length to 12 episodes in the ending moment. The anime has a score of 7.58 by 63k members on My Anime List and is ranked #1371 overall & #1160 on the popularity poll. The ratings and popularity of this show are good enough to earn Stars Align Season 2 a renewal from the makers. 

Update from Director on Hoshi Ai no Sora Season 2

Kazuki Akane took to his Twitter account in April 2021 and thanked worldwide fans for their continued support. He also informed that the project is taking way more time as no production studio is willing to fund the series. As a result, he hasn’t been able to find animators yet. Even though the situation is not favorable for Stars Align Season 2, which is supposed to convey the plot that was initially scheduled for 24 episodes, Kazuki Akane is planning to produce further episodes and then deliver them to fans.

What to Expect from Star Align Season 2?

The Stars Align series follows a group of middle school boys who are quite passionate about tennis. However, things have never been on their side from the start. The boys’ soft tennis club, which has been consistently surpassed by the girls’ club, is on the verge of collapsing due to low skills and a lack of favorable results in matches. Toma Shinjou, captain of the Club, tries to recruit new students but finds no luck.

One day, he encounters Maki Katsuragi who has exceptional reflexes and catches Touma’s attention. Eventually, Touma manages to convince Maki to join the club. Maki outruns the other members of the club in no time which creates a sour spot for him. However, Touma encourages team members to work together for the betterment of the club. By its end, viewers saw Maki and Touma losing the final match but ended up winning the heart of the audience.

There was another plot ongoing between Touma’s family. His father is abusive and beat up Touma for money. His mother is seeking a divorce from his father. In the final episode, Touma’s mother tells him that she never loved him and she is getting a divorce from his father. After finding out that his father has stolen his money again, Maki tries to free himself from his father and plans to kill him.

Now in Stars Align Season 2, viewers might see both Touma and Maki pulling out themselves from a dire situation. They might attain their ultimate goal of winning the grand tournament by the end of this show’s second season. We will also get to see whether things in Touma’s family change or not.

Stars Align Season 2: Release Date

In January 2020, Akane announced via his Twitter that a “Special Fan Movie” that is set two years after the anime’s finale is ready to be premiered. He also clarified in his tweet in April 2021 that there are no plans for a full-length feature movie. Hence it is clear that he plans to continue the show in an anime series format. The short “Special Fan Movie” premiered in May 2020 that featured Maki Katsuragi, Tōma Shinjō, and others in high school. Akane is still trying to continue the series with his efforts. So, if any studio picks up the series fans might get to see Stars Align Season 2 in 2023.

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