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Spy X Family Episode 25 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Spy X Family episode 25 will air on TV Tokyo exclusively, on Saturday, December 24, at 11 PM JST. The episode will only be available for streaming in the US on Crunchyroll. 

This will be the last episode of the second cour of the first season. Other than TV Tokyo, TV Shizouka, and other channels will also X-Family episode 25.

The majority of viewers outside of Asia can watch the episode on Crunchyroll. Although fans of anime in South and South-East Asia can watch the series on the Muse Asia or Muse India YouTube Channel. In addition, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, iQIYI, and BiliBili all offer streaming access to the anime series.

The episode release will vary in the following time zones:

  • PST: 6 am, Saturday, December 24
  • CST: 8 am, Saturday, December 24
  • EST: 9 am, Saturday, December 24
  • BST: 3 pm, Saturday, December 24
  • CET: 4 pm, Saturday, December 24
  • IST: 7:30 pm, Saturday, December 24
  • Philippine: 10 pm, Saturday, December 24
  • ACST: 11:30 pm, Sunday, December 24

Episode 24 Recap

Episode 24 of Spy X Family adapted chapters 35 and 36 of manga. Loid Forger was convincing Yor that there isn’t anything between him and Fiona aka Nightfall. With the faint of jealousy shown by Yor, Loid thinks she has feelings for him. He then tries to lure her into a honey trap but gets a rising kick on his chin.

With a subtle and wholesome chat, both of them return home. The second half of the show focused on Anya and Becky’s shopping for the school trip. She wanted to help Anya choose clothes so she could possibly win Damian’s affection. 

They both had a good time during the taxing shopping trip, and Anya got them matching keychains to commemorate the event. In the last moments, Damian falls even more for Anya’s smile.

What to Expect from Spy X Family Episode 25?

Episode 25 of Spy X Family will adapt manga chapters 36 and 37 where Eden Academy holds the semi-annual Imperial Scholars Mixer. Strix target Donovan Desmond is going to be there at Mixer, and Loid will use this opportunity as a chance to become closer to him.

Damian wants to talk to his father and wants his praise, Anya wants to get closer to Damian for Loid’s mission and Loid wants to apologize for Anya’s punch on the first day, so that it won’t ruin Operation Strix.

Without giving any more spoilers, we can say that the episode will be exciting.

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