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Will Sekko Boys Return for Season 2? Possible Release Date!

Anime fans have already seen many weird Idol groups anime that range from Zombies to Transgender Yakuza idol groups. But as people say there is no limit to creativity, and hence in 2016, fans got to see Sekko Boys anime series that featured a Sculpture boy band of their own.

Sekko Boys is a very underrated and must-watch comic anime. The deep knowledge of history and a lot of spoofs and jokes make this show even more interesting. It can be said that the series is absolute bliss.

Whoever has seen the series wants to see it return for another season. But will Sekko Boys return for season 2? Keep on reading to get the answer.

About The Show

Sekko Boys is an original anime produced by Liden Films. It was directed by Tomoki Takuno & written by Michiko Yokote. It is a short anime with a runtime of 7-8 minutes per episode. The show premiered on January 8 and ended on March 25, 2016. Sekko Boys received a single manga adaptation as well. It is titled Plaster cast idol group of Gods and Heroes that came out on January 12, 2016. The manga is written and illustrated by Nanai Takana.

Will There Be Sekko Boys Season 2?

The anime was very well received but it is not that popular. Both critics and the fans praised the show. However, its ratings are not that high as it has an average score of 6.27 by 19K members on its MAL group. It is ranked at #7284 overall, and #2562 on the popularity poll.

The series had done a remarkable job when it comes to the development of characters, and its script was also well-written. Sekko Boys was quite entertaining but it failed to create a considerable fan following. It was the main reason that the show was forgotten as soon as it came out. The series did have a unique setting but that wasn’t enough to get a spotlight which ultimately led to the poor financial performance. Since the first season didn’t make enough profit, the chances for Sekko Boys Season 2 to get a renewal are very low. 

Plot Details

Hanayashiki Mira Sekko Boys

The story of Sekko Boys follows Miki Ishimoto, who wants to be an artist. However, drawing sculptures every day didn’t help her grow her art. She eventually came to despise sculptures and dropped the dream of being an artist. Later, after landing a job at an Idol company,  she is recruited as the manager of a rookie Idol group.

The Idol group she manages consists of sculptures of 4 Greco-Roman Gods: St. George, Mars, Hermes, and Medici. Miki has to ensure that the boy band, named Sekko Boys, becomes famous.

The weirder the show sounds, the funnier it is in reality. There were some moments that made the viewers question their taste. If Sekko Boys Season 2 ever takes place, then the series gets a renewal we might see some more new god sculptures joining this fun-filled musical of the peculiar band group.

Sekko Boys Season 2: Release Date 

The possibility of this anime getting a renewal is close to zero. The series itself is forgotten by the creators and many fans. Hence, renewing it would be quite a gamble for the makers. Liden Films Studio has already announced its busy schedule with four more new shows. So, even if the fans do hear about the return of Sekko Boys, it can’t be expected before 2024. But, we will still say that the fans shouldn’t get their hopes really high as the show is already as good as canceled.

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