Seiren Season 2: Possible Release Date & Plot Details!

Harem anime shows have always received mixed responses from fans from all over the world and time. Because most of the time, fans choose their side and hope that their favorite character will win the bittersweet war. However, it does not happen every single time. Love is not for everyone, so many good harem series are thrashed on the internet for not letting “The Best girl” win.

What if each character in the series is the best girl and has their own happy ending? It is too good to be true, but Seiren did provide every girl an ending. However, its first season ended way too soon for many fans, and also there are some stories still left untold. So, will there be Seiren Season 2? Read on to know more.

About The Series

On August 12, 2016, the TBS network launched the official page and announced an original anime, titled Seiren. It was directed by Tomoki Kobayashi & written by Kisai Takayama, whereas Studio Gokumi & Studio AXsiZ produced it. Seiren aired 12 episodes from January 5, 2017, to March 23, 2017.

The series is a spin-off story of a video game & anime series titled Amagami. The original dating sim game was developed and published by Enterbrain which was launched on March 19th, 2009. It was a grand hit that inspired so many manga, games, LNs, OVAs, and other media adaptations.

Not only that, but it received anime adaptations too. The first official anime of the series titled Amagami SS was released on July 2, 2010, & ran for 26 episodes along with 2 specials till December 23, 2010. Its second season named Amagami SS+ ran for 13 episodes and 8 OVAs from January 5th, 2012, to March 29th, 2012.

Will There Be Seiren Season 2?

Initially, the second season of the series was planned. The makers actually released 6 different PVs of the heroines after the announcement. The three different characters were Miyu Hiyama, Makoto Kamizaki, Ruise Sanjyo

In an interview with the series writer and character designer Kisai Takayama, it was asked why the series had only 12 episodes while 6 PVs were released. He replied by saying the 12 episode series is indeed short for 6 different routes. So, the series will focus on 3 heroines in the first cour and will cover the other 3 heroines in the next cour. Not only this but there was also a PV for the character Tomoe Kamita, which is a possible OVA route for the series.

The series also has a rating of 6.29 by 72k members on its MAL group and is ranked at #927 on the popularity poll. So the anime is certainly worthy enough of getting Seiren Season 2. But if everything was already planned, then why is the series taking so much time next season?

The answer is that the reception of the series was lower than expected. Fortunately, it wasn’t bad enough for the makers to cancel it. So, the probability of this show returning is high, but fans might have to wait for a bit for the creators to announce it officially.

Plot Details


Seiren had the same plot structure as Amagami and was set in the same world and school. The only difference is that Seiren was set 9 years after Amagami’s plot, and hence it introduced new characters as well.

The series follows Shouichi Kamita, who just like every other high schooler is concerned about his future, but also misses the fun of youth. The 12 episode anime splits into 3 different arcs with 4 episodes each focusing on 3 different heroines, Hikari Tsuneki – cheerful and teasing, Tooru Miyamae -shy but agile girl who loves games, and lastly, Kyouko Touno -her childhood friend who is a huge Shoujo manga otaku.

The anime’s first season provided a good ending for every heroine in their respective arc. Now Seiren Season 2 will likely carry new love stories of new girls, with different lives and personalities. There is a possibility that the hearts of these girls will also be conflicted with Shouichi Kamita again.

Seiren Season 2: Release Date

The second season of anime is possible but fans have to continuously show their support to the series in order to increase the demand for the sequel. Both studios have collaborated again for a new series World’s End Harem which is a part of Winter’s 2022 line-up. If they continue to work together, then Seiren Season 2 might hit the screens sometime in 2023

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