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Sakura Quest Season 2: What’s The Possibility For Second Season?

There are several slice-of-life anime that have viewers who love to lay back and enjoy simple yet engaging stories. However, many of them don’t stand on the hopes of otakus well but this wasn’t the case with “Sakura Quest”. It is a slice-of-life comedy-drama that follows people’s day-to-day working life.

Sakura Quest, also known as Sakura Kuesuto, was originally produced by P.A Works animation studio. It is directed by Soichi Masui & written by Masahiro Yokotani.

The series was an original animation consisting of 25 episodes. It premiered on April 5, 2017, and ran till September 20, 2017. Even after four years, there is still no news about the next season, and fans are waiting for the return of this mellow and lovely series. When will Sakura Quest return for the second season? Here are some details!

Manga Status Of Sakura Kuesuto

Since the series was an original work from the P.A. Works studio, it does not follow any kind of LN or manga series. However, there has been a manga adaptation of the anime that was published from May 12, 2017, to Oct 11, 2018. Developed by Kohinata & Iroha, the manga follows the original anime series.

There is also a spin-off named Sakura Quest Side Story: Oribe Ririko’s Work Report. Developed by Max Melon (Story & Art), the spin-off has 2 volumes and 16 chapters published from July 12, 2017, to February 9, 2018. However, there isn’t any chance that Sakura Quest Season 2 will use the spin-off for its plot. 

Will There Be Sakura Quest Season 2?

It has been four years but the creators and the studio haven’t provided any kind of update about the continuation of the show. Although it has a remarkable rating of 7.39 by 37k members on its MAL group, this series wasn’t able to produce much for the studios. However, the great thing is that this anime’s popularity is quite good. So now it’s up to the creators whether there will be the next season or not.

The ending of the series was a conclusive one for both Yoshino and the town. There aren’t any open or unrevealed parts of the story. So, continuing the series again with a new storyline in Sakura Quest Season 2 will be a wild step for the studio.

What Could Happen in Sakura Kuesuto Season 2?

The series Sakura Kuesuto follows the story of Yoshino Koharu, a young woman who is looking for a job in Tokyo. After getting rejected from many jobs, she lands the job as the Queen of tourism board of the economically struggling Manoyama village. How Yoshino and her friends turned around the fate of Manoyama forms the rest of the story for Sakura Quest.

In the final episode, Yoshino and her friends recall everything they did the past year and think about what they plan to do in the future. Maki and Shiori decided to continue the same work in Manoyam while Sanae and Ririko left town for other adventures. Yoshino leaves the town to start a new life. But instead of returning to Tokyo, she decides to go to another town with the goal to change its fate around. 

The last episode ended with the beginning of a new journey for lots of characters. So, there is a possibility Sakura Quest Season 2 will focus on the new lives of all the characters. Yoshino is going to a new town and she might try and change the fate of this new town. There are a lot of possibilities for character arcs as the other character set on their new journeys.

Sakura Quest Season 2: Release Date

The series did not follow any source material and it also failed to get the expected response during its early release. The production house also didn’t make much profit from the first run of Sakura Kuesuto. However, the popularity of the series only increased among the fans as time went by. Despite this, the chances of the series continuing with a new season are very low.

But since there is not any official cancelation announcement, we can say that the chances of renewal are zero. If Sakura Quest Season 2 gets renewed, the fans can expect it to be released by 2023.

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