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Ninja Rankings in Naruto: 5 Classes of Shinobis

The Chunin Exam arc is considered the greatest arc in Naruto series which elaborated the Shinobi hierarchy in the series. Although this Sinobi classification system isn’t original to Naruto, the hierarchy system of shinobi has been going on since the old times.

However, in that system, there are only three ranks namely:- Chunin, Genin, and Jounin. But, in Naruto, the system was improvised with great details. There are some special titles given to Shinobis in Naruto, like Sanin, Shadow Hokage, 7 Swordsmen of Mist, etc., but they aren’t an official class.

Check below for the official ranks in Naruto to understand everything about the world of shinobis.


In Naruto, the ninjas who graduate from Shinobi academy are called Genin (meaning ‘low level’). They are the lowest-level shinobis during the practical training period.

A Jounin is assigned to three Genins which trains them to become strong. By being assigned to interesting activities, the Genins begin to have a positive impact on the prosperity of their neighbourhood. They commonly receive D-rank or C-rank assignments, which call for simple physical labour and present the fewest risks.


Shinobi, who has excelled in leadership and battle while maintaining the traditional ninja way of life, is typically given the title Chunin(meaning “middle level”). Chunin are provided with C-rank or a B-rank assignment. Shino Aburame and Iruka Umino are two instances of Chunin in Naruto who ultimately rose to the position of Academy professor.

One of the five great nations takes turns to hold the Chunin exam twice a year with the agreement of a Jounin(often the Team captain). And if they pass, they can move up to the Chunin level. The Chunin exam especially tests different aptitudes of Genins with different tasks each time.


Jounin (meaning “high level”) Shinobi are often military commanders who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Jounin frequently has access to two distinct types of elemental chakra and, on rare occasions, the ability to manipulate chakra shapes. Jounin regularly embarks on missions alone and is assigned A-rank tasks. However, if they have sufficient experience, they can also be given S-rank assignments, which are thought to be the most challenging.

If Kage thinks that the shinobi are worthy of the rank, they will be promoted. Another method to become a Jounin in the anime is to take the Jounin Exam. Three Genins may furthermore be commanded by a ninja who has earned the rank of Jounin.


Kage(meaning ‘shadow”) is the highest official position and title given to any shinobi, the leader and the strongest shinobi of the village can attain this title. Each village has its own Kage, Like Leaf village has Hokage, and Sand village has Kazekage.

When the kages of five great nations come together they are called the Gokage (meaning ‘Five Shadows’). 

The Kage, who is in charge of supervising the village’s everyday activities, frequently decides whether to send ninjas on dangerous missions. 

Hashirama Senju was the first Kage of leaf village and nation Konohagakure. The other nations adapted this newly developed distinctive system for their nations.

Each village has its own method of selecting a Kage. In Kumo, for example, an old rule ensured that when the Third Raikage died, his son became the Fourth Raikage. Hokage chooses their successor in Konoha.

If Hokage dies or becomes unable to lead before naming a successor, the daimyou of the Land of Fire makes the decision with the help of his committee, village elders, the Jonin Commander, and an Anbu representative. Konoha Jonin then approves the position.

However, if a Kage decides to retire, their title is with them for the rest of their lives and they are still able to help the new Kage with decisions and other duties.


The Anbu(meaning ‘Dark Side”), stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai(or Special Assassination and Tactical Squad). They are undercover skilled shinobis under the highest command of the village.

Anbu is a sort of squad with no general or commander, except a single leader for each squad. Anbu deals with generally difficult and high-risk tasks. They do assassinations, secret missions, infiltrations, surveillance, tracking, spying, and missions that could be dangerous or can kindle any problems with another village if done wrong.

They wear masks but their identity is known within their squads and village high command. They are chosen neglecting their age, gender, or level. Itachi, Kakashi, and Shisui are the best examples of young but fierce Anbu.

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