Mob Psycho Enraged State in season 3 episode 10

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 10 Release Date & Time, Spoilers

The 10th episode of Mob Psycho 100 III will be available for online streaming from 12 AM JST onwards on December 8, 2022.

This corresponds to a release time on December 7, 2022, for the most international viewers. The program will be televised to a small number of Japanese and foreign audiences in the early hours of December 8, 2022.

The episode can be watched on Crunchyroll about an hour after it becomes available in Japan. Along with the Japanese version, an English dub of the episode will be made available shortly after the original stream. The episode will also be available on Muse Asia and Muse India Youtube channels in selected markets.

The timings for different zones will be as below:

  • PST: 7:00 am, Wednesday, December 7
  • EST: 10:00 am, Wednesday, December 7
  • GMT: 3:00 pm, Wednesday, December 7
  • CET: 4:00 pm, Wednesday, December 7
  • IST: 8:30 pm, Wednesday, December 7
  • Philippines: 11:00 pm, Wednesday, December 7
  • JST: 12:00 am, Thursday, December 8
  • ACST: 12:30 pm, Thursday, December 8

Expectations & Spoilers for Episode 10

Episode 9 adapted chapters 99.1, 99.2,99.3 & 99.4 from the manga. The episode started off with the revelation that Tsubomi is getting transferred from the school. Mob decides on proposing to her and started preparing for it. However, before Mob could confess his love, he is met by an unfortunate accident and gets severely injured.

For episode 10 of Mob Psycho 100 season 3, the chapter from 100.1 to 100.4 of the manga are likely to be adapted.

This is the start of the ending arc for the anime. Everything Mob did so far was to propose to Tsubomi, but now he is hurt after the accident. Mob gets into full berserk and rage-fueled state. Mob starts a wave of destruction for everything around him as he does not want any coming in between him and Tsubomi.

Hanazawa tries to get Mob back to his senses, with every bit of his emotions, but Mob won’t go down. The episode is expected to be filled with emotions, memories and some heartbreaking dialogue. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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