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Mikagura School Suite Season 2: Will Anime Return? Release Date!

There are not many popular or lovable ‘girls love’ anime series. However, there are several shows in this genre that manage to leave their impact on the viewers. As a result, otakus all around the globe want to see more episodes of these shows. One such show is Mikagura School Suite which premiered back in 2015.

It is also known as Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. The anime was a blend of genres like action, comedy, and girls’ love. As such, it turned out to be a great entertainer. However, it was still far from being called a masterpiece.

The great thing about this show was that it hooked the viewers and made them demand Mikagura School Suite Season 2 right after the last episode. However, it has been more than seven years, but the fans are still waiting to see the sequel of this anime. So, will the girls from Mikagura High School return for another run? Keep reading to know.

Light Novel, Manga & Anime

Mikagura School Suite initially made its debut as a light novel and manga series. Both these series were written by Last Note. Akina illustrated the LN, whereas Sayuki illustrated the manga series. The LN series ran from July 25, 2013, to August 25, 2016. Throughout the course of these three years, the authors released a total of eight volumes.

On the other hand, the first chapter of the manga series came out on July 13, 2013. It ended after releasing six chapters on February 15, 2016. Both the manga and the LN series received a positive response from the readers.

As a result, Doga Kobo studio announced an anime adaptation licensed by Madman Entertainment & Funimation. Its inaugural episode hit the screens on April 6, 2015. The anime series ran till June 22 of the same year and concluded after the twelfth episode. Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku’s debut installment didn’t adapt the entire LN or manga series. The last volumes were not a part of the first season’s storyline.

Will There Be Mikagura School Suite Season 2?

The first season of Mikagura School Suite was an overall success. It received a good response from viewers all around the globe. However, the critics gave mixed reviews to the series. But that’s understandable as it was a “girls love” series with nothing revolutionary in its plot.

At the time of writing, the anime has a decent score of 6.69 on MAL by more than 34K viewers. Moreover, it has more than 84K members in its group, which makes it ranked at #1994 in popularity. The cute characters and funny and entertaining plot earned this show a huge fan following. Doga Kobo also did a fine job in animating the series.

Mikagura School Suite charcters

However, the first season of the anime didn’t end with any open ends. Usually, the anime which tends to return ends with a cliffhanger. But, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku’s twelfth episode provided a conclusive ending. Hence, the chances for the sequel to happen are very low.

Moreover, the disc sales of the anime’s first season were not really extraordinary. There is still some content left in the manga and the LN series, but that would not be sufficient for Mikagura School Suite Season 2. If the makers decide to renew this show, they might have to build a new plot line from scratch. Therefore, it is very unlikely that Doga Kobo would start working on the second season of this anime.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Plot Details

The storyline of this show follows Eruna Ichinomiya, a third-year middle school student. She was not sure which high school to attend, and hence she decided to skip school and start playing games at home. Soon, she got tempted by the cute uniforms of Mikagura High School and decided to enroll herself in this school.

However, in this school, it is mandatory to join a club. Moreover, the students have to fight each other with special powers as a representative of their club. Soon, Eruna began to chase Seisa Mikagura, the most beautiful girl in the school. As a result, Eruna joined the going-home club and soon found herself in the club battle.

Eruna wanted to grab a top spot in the school, and hence she started exploring several different clubs in the school and helped other members with their troubled lives. The anime’s story is filled with laughter, fun, and some fierce battles.

Mikagura School Suite Season 2 Release Date

As we mentioned above, the chances for the anime’s second season are very less, and hence it is difficult to predict the release date of the sequel. If the demand for the second season continues to shoot up, then the makers might think about producing another season. So, if Mikagura School Suite Season 2 gets the greenlight by 2023, it might hit the TV screens sometime in 2024.

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