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Love & Lies Season 2 Release Date & Expected Storyline

“Love & Lies” or “Koi to Uso” is a kind of anime no one can forget. It hits the emotions of the viewers really hard. Fans often compared this series to some very famous anime like “Kuzu no Honkai” & “Domestic Girlfriend” which got mixed responses from fans. However, unlike those shows, this series was loved by many fans. But they were not satisfied with the show when the finale ended with a cliffhanger. The ending has also increased fans’ curiosity for the next season. But, will Love and Lies ever return for Season 2? Keep on reading to know.

Manga Status Of The Anime

Love & Lies is a rom-com manga series written and illustrated by Musawo and was loved by fans very much. The popularity led to an anime adaptation of the manga by Liden Films studio. The anime aired from July 4th, 2017, to September 19th, 2017, with 12 episodes.

The manga started publishing in August 2014, and more than 281 chapters have been released so far. Out of this source material, the makers have already adapted 159 chapters in the anime. Thus, the studio still has a lot of source material and can easily make Love and Lies Season 2 with the remaining chapters. The manga is being published on the online platform of DeNA’s Manga Box. Between the run of the anime, a live-action of the series also premiered in October 2017. The series also got an OVA episode which aired on November 16, 2018.

Will There Be Love and Lies Season 2? 

Well, the end of the series was a cliffhanger, and the finale episode concluded in quite a harem-ish way. Since the series is still being continued, the finale doesn’t make sense. So, it was a bit of a tease that creators have given to the viewers about the continuation of the anime. The MAL score of the series is average, but it was rated by more than 155K members. Koi to Uso is rated 6.53 on MyAnimeList and was ranked at #514 on the Popularity Poll. Since the anime is quite popular, and there is a lot of content left for the continuation, the chances are good that Love and Lies will return for another run on the screens. 

Koi To Uso Season 2: Plot Details

Sanada Ririna love & lies

Koi to Uso follows the story of a teenage boy named Yukari Nejima. He has a crush on his childhood friend named Misaki Takasaki. One day, he gathers his courage to confess his love to her. She accepts she also loved him for a long time. However, they live in Japan which has implemented a complex system referred to as “The Red Threads of Science” to encourage successful marriages and combat increasingly low birth rates. Based on a compatibility calculation, people are assigned marriage partners at the young age of 16 by the Japanese government. One can’t refuse, or they’ll have to face some severe outcomes. Unfortunately, before the two can advance their relationship, Yukari receives his marriage notice with Ririna Sanada as his fiance. However, Ririna is fascinated and asks them to continue her relationship with Misaki.

In the ending moments, fans see that both girls are in the wedding aisle in the dress. It drove fans with curiosity, and they began to think that the series might end in polygamy. Now Love and Lies Season 2 will feature Ririna continuing her relationship with Yukari. There will be several cute moments along with the complexions the couple will face due to the Red Threads of Science.

Love And Lies Season 2: Release Date

The fans might have to wait for the series a bit as nothing about its second season has been announced so far. All the factors seem to be in favor of Koi to Uso for another run. So, there is a possibility that an update regarding the same might come out very soon. If Liden Films announce Love and Lies Season 2 next year, then it might premiere in the Winter of 2023.

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